Watches of Baselworld 2014
Michel Herbelin album
Ball album
Hublot album
Corum album
Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100
Sneak Peek, Baselworld 2014
Zenith Drops Acid
Luminox Atacama Field Series 1945, updated with orange
Breguet's Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel - Skeleton Dial
Hydro-Sub N-Pole: Official Watch of the Redl North Pole Expedition
Bell & Ross Blackbird
Sinn's 6099 Frankfurt Financial District Watch
The Chopard L.U.C. 1963
Certina DS Podium GMT
Grovana 1635.9 Quartz Chrono
On the wrist, the new Rolexes with 40mm Oyster monobloc cases
MB&F's Starfleet Machine
On the wrist, the new Bell & Ross B-Rocket
Breitling Navitimer 46mm
Manila, 19Apr14--All six competitors in the IRC Racer 0 class--the fastest class--of the Rolex China Sea Race have finished.
Manila, 11:00AM 19Apr14--With no other competitor having yet fiinished, Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin 90 held the lead to arrive at Subic Bay last night at 10:21PM.
Manila, 10:15AM 18Apr14--Race leader Ragamuffin 90 has built up a 97 nautical mile lead.
Manila, 17Apr14--As of 10:45AM, Ragamuffin 90 skippered by Syd Fischer leads the Rolex race.
Manila, 16 April 2014--The Rolex China Sea Race, the 27th run of Asia’s principal offshore competition, starts today.
Orient commemorates Subaru's Class win at Nurburging with their limited edition Air Diver's M-Force x STi.
Presenting a sneak peek at the planet's biggest watch show.
This year, the Monaco V4 line evolves further with the incorporation of the tourbillon grande complication.
After having stopped in-house movement production in 1982, Oris now goes back to producing their own starting with the Calibre 110.
At Baselworld, Hamilton introduces this year's limited edition Khaki Takeoff automatic chrono.

The MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2, from Geneva, in Geneva

Editor-in-Chief Carl Cunanan takes a stroll through old Geneva with the MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 perched proudly on his wrist. With him on loan from the MB&F showroom in Geneva, Carl felt compelled to document his fleeting moment with the LM2--short, but so very sweet.

In The Cold Rare Air

Christian Redl’s next challenge and the Edox Iceman II For a man, the irony of it will be excruciating, and for his timepiece, the extremes, mollifying. Extreme free diver Christian Redl who set the world record for diving under ice last year, now joins the Gokyo Project at Nepal’s Mount Everest National Park to challenge the glacial lakes of the Gokyo wetlands.On February 12, 2011, Redl dove 200 feet down into the frigid waters of Lake Weissensee in the Austrian Alps. The dive saw Redl descending at a rate of almost five feet per second and touching down after 42 seconds,

The Superlative Deep Sea

In 1953, Rolex successfully tested a prototype watch called the Deep Sea Special strapped outside the bathyscape FNRS-2 to a depth of 3,150m or 10,336ft. Rolex proved its design mantra with an ultra-rigid Oyster case. By Basel 1954, they had raised the depth rating on all Submariners to 180m or 600ft, in conjunction with the release of the Submariner model 6204. On January 23, 1960, Rolex pushed the envelope further with the Rolex Piccard (model 7205) attached to the bathyscape Trieste that successfully dived to a depth of 10,916m or 35,800ft.

ACHTUNG BABY! Italian bravura meets German engineering

References to the super Irish rock band aside, the first thing you notice about your average U-Boat watch is its diminutive size…all 50mm of it on the average model! Yes, your typical U-Boat timepiece is not for the weak of disposition: conservative types need not apply. Indeed, the alpha male types of Hollywood royalty grace several pages of the manufactures’ equally oversized brochures and press kits. In case you haven’t figured it out, U-Boat watches, just like their original submarine namesake, are bold, aggressive and oversized. One model, the FLIGHTDECK ECLIPSE, is so masculine,

Deeper Than You Thought

ORANGE, simply put is a color between red and yellow. But what has this got to do with diving or the DOXA SUB? It has been tested and proven that when you go diving, the color that is most visible underwater is the color orange. The DOXA SUB has built its reputation on this fact and the color orange.Few non-divers have heard of the watch company DOXA, but if ever a definitive history of the dive watch is written, one manufacturer will stand along side the likes of Rolex, Blancpain, and Omega as being a great dive watch. DOXA S.A. Is a small company from Bienne, Switzerland,

Urwerk's Felix Baumgartner winds us up with vigorous cranking of the EMC

Urwerk founder Felix Baumgartner himself shows us how to crank a charge into the EMC's Maxon generator. If you thought he was winding the EMC's mechanical movement, the vigorousness of the cranking would be very unsettling.

Deeply Mechanical

On the move again. Deeper. TAG Heuer has put something new forward for those with the need for depth and the love of the visually mechanical.Many collectors are enamored by the timepieces of the deep, those that are not just dive watches but deep, deep dive watches. Watches that will keep on going long after your own mortal body will have been crushed if you happened to actually test the thing in the water. These watches are big, bulky and heavy in order to withstand the pressures you will see as you start reaching past where the light can go.

Profound Simulations

As the smartwatch concept now trends and the Apple iWatch threatens to be introduced, or at least leaked, by this first quarter of the year, there is a prediction that begs the making: people will soon be wearing simulations of coveted timepieces. From clock apps for stationary and mobile gadgets of the past, to full-blown watch simulations for pocket or wrist of just around the corner: it’s nothing out of the blue, not when existing gadget features and technologies can be recombined, mapping a path for elegant innovation.

War Steel of a Different Sort

Early in 1942, just months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. War Department acquired around 50 Milus Snow Star Instant Date watches for classified purposes. These watches are now being discovered in the sealed survival kits issued to American and Allied pilots during World War II. Were these kits thought to be essential gear for pilots as they sortied near islands in the Pacific where primitive headhunters still dwelled? Or,

No More Worlds to Conquer

Richard Mille gives volume to his passion.If watchmaker Richard Mille were to say that he was making something unusual, people would probably do well to pay attention.The Richard Mille watchmaking company officially came into existence in 2001, as its founder wanted to create a watch company that would extend from roots in the Swiss villages of the industry's birth to the latest possibilities of high technology and materials. Richard Mille had been in the watchmaking industry since 1973. He joined the prestigious Mauboussin house in 1994.

The Man Behind The Movement

Perrelet brings us two new items for their classic men’s collection. But that’s not all we have to be thankful for. The story of the man that invented the automatic watch. Double Rotor, Calibre P-181,Central hour, minute and second hand, date window at 6’o’clockHistory is a funny thing. No one can deny its impact on today’s life, and yet, no one can point to it and say, there. There is history. History is collective memory, and just as individual memory can play tricks on you, collective memory can be not only subjective but actually entirely fabricated.

Soldiers of Fortune

DELIGHTFUL DERIVATIVE The revolutionary Panerai P.2005 watch movement set a standard for diving watches, thanks to world-reknowned accuracy, a GMT function, manual winding and three spring barrels that accumulates enough energy to operate the watch for at least six days.One delightful derivative of this calibre (the movement of the watch) is the Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT 47 MM Titanium. This watch combines tradition, sports qualities and exclusivity,