Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Acoustic Research
The A. Lange & Söhne Giant Complication at SIHH 2015
Scanning Parmigiani
Audemars Piguet Rarities
At SIHH 2015, the Ralph Lauren Automotives
At SIHH 2015, the new Portugieser Hand-Wound Eight Days Edition “75th Anniversary”
In passing, AP at SIHH
In passing, JLC at SIHH
With IWC at SIHH
New Oak
So Cold ... En-Route to SIHH
The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2015
To celebrate the 75th anniversary of their trademark collection, IWC re-introduces a little known version of the original Portugieser.
This week, from Monday January 19th to Friday the 23rd, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) will be held in Geneva for its 25th year.
“Add water,” was the shocking instruction from, Chivas Brothers’ international brand ambassador to the Asia-Pacific,
Five inspiring individuals honored as Young Laureates of Rolex Awards at London’s Royal Society
Second-seed Roger Federer withdraws from Final Showdown at ATP World Tour Finals, yielding walk-on victory to top-seed Novak Djokovic.
Happening on Sunday, November 16: the showdown round of the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Stadium, London. Rolex brings Calibre over for on-the-scene coverage.
On the eve of the October 29 launch of the OPPO N3, there comes the eleventh hour nugget, the news that OPPO will be launching not just one model but two.
It’s not out on the market, not yet, but it’s out: the Apple Watch. Coming early next year, Apple’s much awaited smartwatch has been announced along with some feature teasers.
After having World Rally Championship (WRC) driver Sébastien Ogier for its brand ambassador since 2011, TAG Heuer now directly supports Ogier’s team, Volkswagen Motorsport.

The Exceptional L.U.C.

Chopard presents two spectacular pieces of horological machinery at BaselworldAt Baselworld 2013, Swiss Luxury Brand Chopard treated Calibre and the rest of the world’s press to their annual presentation at their ultra-ritzy pavilion. Among all the other pavilions in Hall 0.1, the main presentation hall of the watch fair, Chopard’s is one of the only pavilions that actually looked like a standalone boutique.During the presentation,

Porsche introduces the Macan compact SUV

It’s new, smaller than its closest sibling, agile as a cat, and oh so powerful. The new Macan is Porsche’s first ever compact SUV--it’s flagship for a whole new class of vehicles. It’s not a matter of introducing a compact SUV to Porsche’s stable, but of putting a Porsche among compact SUVs. Bear with me, you’ll see.To start with, where the Macan S has an already impressive 3.0 litre V6 biturbo that hides 340bhp under the hood, the top-of-the-line Macan Turbo just can’t help declaring itself with a never-before-used 3.6 litre V6 biturbo that, with 400bhp of rated output,

Deeply Mechanical

On the move again. Deeper. TAG Heuer has put something new forward for those with the need for depth and the love of the visually mechanical.Many collectors are enamored by the timepieces of the deep, those that are not just dive watches but deep, deep dive watches. Watches that will keep on going long after your own mortal body will have been crushed if you happened to actually test the thing in the water. These watches are big, bulky and heavy in order to withstand the pressures you will see as you start reaching past where the light can go.

The magnificent Breguet and his … Flying Machine?

The Breguet Type XX isn’t what most budding enthusiasts would consider typical of the storied name’s offerings. It doesn’t have many of the popular innovations and details of worksmanship you come to expect from the watchmaking company.The casework is simple, though it does carry the fluting on the side. The dial shows none of the legendary detailwork expertise for which Breguet has become known and popular, especially if you choose the unique carbon fiber dial that comes with the titanium case. You have no guillochage, no “secret number,” no signature.

The MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2, from Geneva, in Geneva

Editor-in-Chief Carl Cunanan takes a stroll through old Geneva with the MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 perched proudly on his wrist. With him on loan from the MB&F showroom in Geneva, Carl felt compelled to document his fleeting moment with the LM2--short, but so very sweet.

Urwerk's Felix Baumgartner winds us up with vigorous cranking of the EMC

Urwerk founder Felix Baumgartner himself shows us how to crank a charge into the EMC's Maxon generator. If you thought he was winding the EMC's mechanical movement, the vigorousness of the cranking would be very unsettling.

Big, Bold and Beautiful

The new face of luxury timekeeping. Do take the time to stop and stare. The name and the brand Hermès has always been synonymous to luxury and quality craftsmanship. First established by Thierry Hermès in 1837 as a harness workshop, the product lines of the company soon grew to include clothing, leather goods, handbags, perfume, tableware and jewelry. Today, Hermes is a multi-million dollar firm with hundreds of boutiques and franchises across the globe, and continues to provide nothing but the highest-quality goods for its clientele.In the year 2000,

Profound Simulations

As the smartwatch concept now trends and the Apple iWatch threatens to be introduced, or at least leaked, by this first quarter of the year, there is a prediction that begs the making: people will soon be wearing simulations of coveted timepieces. From clock apps for stationary and mobile gadgets of the past, to full-blown watch simulations for pocket or wrist of just around the corner: it’s nothing out of the blue, not when existing gadget features and technologies can be recombined, mapping a path for elegant innovation.

Soldiers of Fortune

DELIGHTFUL DERIVATIVE The revolutionary Panerai P.2005 watch movement set a standard for diving watches, thanks to world-reknowned accuracy, a GMT function, manual winding and three spring barrels that accumulates enough energy to operate the watch for at least six days.One delightful derivative of this calibre (the movement of the watch) is the Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT 47 MM Titanium. This watch combines tradition, sports qualities and exclusivity,

Bred by America, Born for Britain, Blooded Over Manila

Bremont salutes the P-51 Mustang with a limited edition chronograph. An actual reliquary, the timepiece incorporates parts fashioned from the aluminum skin of a WWII veteran with a history that puts it in sorties above embattled Manila. In 2011, the award winning British brand Bremont introduced the Limited Edition Mustang P-51 watch—a salute to this phenomenal American-built fighter plane of World War II.From Bremont’s pre-release press statement (for the complete text and specifications,

Czar of a Russian Chronometer

When one conjures up Russian creations, we tend to bring up familiar names like Igor Sikorsky (Sikorsky helicopters), Mikhail Koshkin (chief designer of T-34 Russian tanks) and Alexei Tupolev (designer of the Tupolev Tu-144 and the Boran space shuttle). With watch enthusiasts, Poljot is a brand that comes to mind as the company was the earliest watchmaking company formed in the Soviet federation.The Russian watch industry during the Czar Russia was focused on the assembly of imported movements mainly from Germany and Switzerland,

Go Deep

Last September, Editor-in-Chief Carl Cunanan flew north to dive deep into waters off Hong Kong, without any life support. Carl was invited to join a handful of alumnos to be instructed by freedive record holder and Oris brand ambassador Carlos Coste. The experience was both an ordeal and a revelation. Diving deep into darker waters and mounting pressure, Carl had to awaken his body's latent adaptations for hoarding finite air while being crushed at depth. Here is his story. Part 1: So Deep It's Dark