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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

September 8, 2023        |

Blue Book 2023: Tiffany & Co.’s Oceanic Ode to Jean Schlumberger

Dive into the Depths of High Jewelry with 'Out of the Blue'

Tiffany & Co. has made waves in the worlds of haute horology and high-end fashion with the unveiling of their latest masterpiece, Blue Book 2023 – “Out of the Blue.” In an exclusive nod to the deep-sea wonders that have long fascinated jewelry enthusiasts and art aficionados alike, Tiffany & Co. Nathalie Verdeille, Chief Artistic Officer of Jewelry and High Jewelry, is in charge of this extraordinary collection. “Out of the Blue” is destined to capture the world of luxury jewelry with awe-inspiring creations that pay homage to the famous Jean Schlumberger and his enduring interest with the ocean’s magical animals.

Anthony Ledru, Chief Executive Officer of Tiffany & Co., expressed the profound sentiment behind this collection: “With Blue Book 2023, we saw an opportunity to honor Jean Schlumberger’s legacy by giving new life to some of his most celebrated designs. These creations have a distinct Schlumberger quality and personality to them, but the designs are all new. We are certain that he would have been as pleased with each masterpiece as we are.”

This extraordinary collection will make its grand entrance in two phases throughout 2023, each phase inspired by the enchanting depths of aquatic life. The summer collection launches with seven distinct themes: Shell, Coral, Jellyfish, Pisces, Starfish, Sea Star, and Star Urchin. Each theme offers a unique perspective on the ocean’s beauty and complexity.

The Star Urchin theme embodies the ocean’s drama with designs characterized by tanzanites and hand-carved chalcedony that emulate the spiky exterior of sea urchins. It’s a study in symmetry and form, mirroring nature’s artistry.

The Starfish theme reimagines this familiar ocean dweller, entwining it between rocks with opals, aquamarines, tourmalines, beryls, and diamond accents. A diamond-intensive suite adds a unique touch to this sea creature’s portrayal.

The Sea Star theme features a field of custom-cut mother-of-pearl starfish intertwined with coral-inspired motifs, providing a snapshot of the sea’s fascinating ecosystem. Exceedingly rare padparadscha sapphires, Umba sapphires, mother-of-pearl, and carnelians bring the Sea Star theme to life.

“In Jean Schlumberger’s imagination and design philosophy, the sea represented an unknown, infinite world. He choreographed unparalleled manifestations of its majesty and mystery,” said Nathalie Verdeille, Chief Artistic Officer, Jewelry and High Jewelry, Tiffany & Co. “My first Blue Book collection for the House was a deep dive into aquatic life that both honored and reimagined Schlumberger’s vision.”

Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue (check here) made its debut last summer at an exclusive high jewelry celebration at The Landmark, the newly reopened Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue.


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