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Desirable Diversion

Brian Afuang
March 15, 2024        |

Spirit of goodness: The Macallan Amber Meadow

A whisky inspired by the ethical ethos of Stella and Mary McCartney.

Fashion designer Stella McCartney is known for weaving ethically and sustainably sourced materials into her creations; her lookbook reflects her eco-conscientious views. Sharing this is her sister, the photographer and documentary filmmaker Mary McCartney, who is also a keen advocate of meat-free diets. Between them is a world of good.

In concocting the third edition of its Harmony Collection, The Macallan takes inspiration from the McCartney siblings’ righteous mindset, if not their recollections of the lush Scottish countryside. So visibly, olfactory and gustatory all at once, The Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow evokes all this

Beyond the presentation box and label made from upcycled materials, color starts it off. The single malt is golden in hue and almost ethereally light, as opposed to the brooding murkiness of more mature spirits. It immediately hints of the fresh notes that define its place on the palate. Lemon, ginger, honeysuckle and some other fragrant foliage are apparent to the nose. No waft of leather or damp old wood here, for sure. A sip confirms this delicateness, where a faint but complex sweetness is followed not only by the stronger flavors of oak and, obviously, malt, but also of green tea. Which is a surprise, given no tea was ever infused in the whisky.

Well, actually, there was no infusion of any sort that took place in creating the Amber Meadow. Instead, the whisky gathered its distinct notes and flavor by being transferred from one type of cask to another. The Macallan’s whisky makers selected produce neither too young nor mature for the purpose, then with their expertise determined the characteristics unique to the Amber Meadow.

The result is a libation best shared by kindred souls.


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