Vacheron Constantin’s Odyssey: Métiers d’Art Tribute to Explorer Naturalists

Embark on a horological journey through the 19th Century Naturalist Expeditions.

In the heart of Vacheron Constantin’s latest horological masterpiece, the Métiers d’Art Tribute to Explorer Naturalists collection unfurls an extraordinary narrative. Celebrating the 19th-century naturalists’ voyages aboard the Beagle, this exclusive series encapsulates the spirit of adventure and scientific exploration.

Vacheron Constantin offers an invitation to collectors, asking them to embark on a visual journey with the most prominent naturalists of the nineteenth century. The voyage begins with the 1994 Mercator model, which pays respect to geographer Geraldus Mercator. Following that, the 2021 Métiers d’Art Tribute to Great Explorers and the 2018 Métiers d’Art Aérostiers series set the foundation for the following chapter in horological storytelling.

In an exclusive interview, Christian Selmoni sheds light on the collection’s inspiration and challenges. Choosing 19th-century naturalists aligns with Vacheron Constantin’s open-mindedness towards history and travel. Crafting dials for this collection involves the meticulous integration of technology and beauty, with the extra-flat Calibre 1120 AT/1 posing unique challenges. While a direct sequel isn’t planned, the richness of the naturalism theme may inspire future horological tales.

In crafting the Métiers d’Art Tribute to Explorer Naturalists, Vacheron Constantin not only commemorates a historic voyage but also provides collectors with a wearable masterpiece that transcends time. Each watch serves as a testament to the enduring allure of exploration and the artistry that defines Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Art collection.

Crafting Horological Narratives
Inspired by François Constantin’s adventurous attitude, the artisans at the Manufacture delicately imbue their work with stories and emotions. The Métiers d’Art collection by Vacheron Constantin is a tribute to the enduring idea of exploration, bringing together engravers, enamellers, guilloché specialists, and jewellers. As a result, the dials function as fascinating windows into the globe.

The Art of Calibre 1120 AT/1
Vacheron Constantin uses the in-house self-winding Calibre 1120 AT/1 to highlight the skills of its talented artisans. This mechanism, which is only 5.45 mm thick, adds refinement to the watch’s form. Its revolutionary design merges technological complexities with aesthetic attraction, leading wearers on a visual journey through time.

The distinctive time display of the movement has a cam-inspired hour wheel guided by a touch accurate to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. This innovative satellite module elegantly moves the hours around the dial, creating scenes inspired by the naturalists’ discoveries.

A Voyage Across Timepieces
Cape Verde (January 1832): A white gold case showcases the Beagle’s silhouette sailing through meticulously painted oceans. The lower dial bursts with vibrant floral scenes. Limited to ten pieces, this edition is adorned with a blue Mississipiensis alligator strap secured by a white gold folding buckle.

Straits of Magellan (1833/1834): Pink gold frames a white gold engraving of the Beagle navigating blue-enamelled waves. The lower dial portrays lush vegetation discovered during the Beagle’s passage through the Strait of Magellan. A blue Mississipiensis alligator strap and pink gold buckle complement this exclusive edition.

Tierra del Fuego (1833-1834): White gold houses an engraving featuring a 3D butterfly and birds against a backdrop of miniature paintings. The lower dial depicts an ancient map of Tierra del Fuego, paired with a windrose. Limited to ten pieces, this edition is completed with a green Mississipiensis alligator strap and white gold buckle.

Cape of Good Hope (May 1836): Pink gold sets the stage for a maritime scene, capturing the Beagle’s journey around the African coast. The upper dial showcases a Garden of Eden, a nod to the naturalists’ observations at the Cape of Good Hope. This edition, limited to ten pieces, is accompanied by a green Mississipiensis alligator strap and pink gold buckle.

 The Métiers d’Art collection by Vacheron Constantin is a tribute to the enduring idea of exploration, bringing together engravers, enamellers, guilloché specialists, and jewellers.

These watches transcend the everyday, encouraging wearers to embark on a trip through the annals of adventure. Through the careful touch of its Master Artisans, Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Art collection not only remembers a historic expedition but also bequeaths collectors with wearable masterpieces that connect with the spirit of discovery. Each watch, a canvas of precision and creativity, serves as a timeless tribute to the tenacious human spirit and the limitless beauties of the natural world.


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