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Desirable Diversion

Katherine S. Cunanan
November 14, 2019        |

Clothing the Faithful

Ferrari debuts a jacket with a rather high entry fee.

Ferrari today launched another new product in Rome. On the sixth floor of a hotel. Room 601 of the Hotel de Russie. Luckily there was space.The product was a leather jacket. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. For one, there is a constant battle amongst enthusiasts about whether or not you as an owner should actually wear the Ferrari gear available to everyone else and in a rather loud set of colors. In Ferrari boutiques, you can get more subtle clothing from the brand, and it is quite appreciated by many enthusiasts and owners. For another, this is a pretty technically-engineered piece of equipment.

The new jacket will be made available only to Ferrari owners. If you are on their roster as an owner/client or buy a new car, you may go to Maranello, to one of the official Ferrari Stores, or to a dedicated space in their e-commerce site to order. Unlike everything else in Ferrari, though, you don’t get to customize. It comes in black with red details, that’s it. It is surprisingly subtle. Supple as well, actually. Ferrari chose to use deer skin for leather because of its ability to stay consistent longer and because of the elasticity and stretch of the hide. Because, just like any Ferrari, they engineered the daylights out of the thing. It has hidden flexibility, in the back externally near the sleeves and internally down the middle. This means you can lift your arms to drive with no hampering of movement. This is no run-of-the-mill motorcycle-type jacket, preformed with curves. It really does allow you to move freely.

It is meant to be sleek and clean, elegant and daring in a Dolce Vita style. They chose to use the largest pieces of hide possible (which incidentally tends to be extremely cost-inefficient), which allows a sleekness and cleanness of line. There are pockets, but they are hidden and internal. The zipper and snap-connection for the collar are designed so they don’t bother the driver when he (or she) is sitting rather low and possibly reclined. Prancing Horse badging comes via an embossed figure on the lower left. You might miss it. Piping is subtly-used and red.

If you want one, the process takes around four months as it is made to measure, and it costs around 3,500 Euros including tax. That is, if you don’t include the cost of a car if you don’t already have one. And it is, seriously, the most comfortable leather jacket we have ever put on..


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