Jul 23, 2019 09:58

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Brian M. Afuang

Far-Sighted Flair

In ‘customized’ form, Leica Ultravid HD-Plus binoculars get draped in titanium finish and leather

SHORT of offering precognition, Leica’s Ultravid HD-Plus range of binoculars affords its users the kind of far-sighted vision that’s exceptionally clear and crisp. Credit here goes to the Ultravid HD-Plus’s light-gathering power, which is comparable even to larger 50-millimeter models, allowing for high-definition magnification even when visibility is poor. Also, it’s one of the most compact binoculars in its class that’s presently available on the market.

For the new year, Leica brings out the Ultravid HD-Plus “customized” edition. Available in four versions — 8×32 HD-Plus, 10×32 HD-Plus, 8×42 HD-Plus and 10×42 HD-Plus — the binoculars retain the technical competence of the Ultravid HD-Plus line while getting a fresh, more elegant wardrobe. The binoculars now wear brown calfskin leather, covering parts of their aluminum housing, which in the “customized” versions is finished like it’s made of titanium. The result is that an artisanal, outdoorsy charm now warms up the cold metallic vibe by which precision instruments are defined.

And, an Old World feel notwithstanding, the Ultravid HD-Plus “customized” is truly a piece of precision instrument. Its fluoride lenses guarantee brilliant colors and perfect contrast, leading to pin-sharp images. The 8x magnification of the 8×32 HD-Plus and 8×42 HD-Plus binoculars boast a good exit pupil, letting them perform for a relatively extended period even in fading light. The excellent field of view of the 8x magnification also provides good visibility in wooded areas, where various elements usually “confuse” less-competent binoculars.

For their part, the 10×32 HD-Plus and 10×42 HD-Plus pack all of these qualities, but their 10x magnification capability allows even finer details even at long distances. Plus, they do not burden the user with too much weight.

“The combination of high-quality materials and technical perfection makes the Leica Ultravid HD-Plus ‘customized’ a personal statement for all those who will accept no compromises on excellent image quality and haptic experience. Our more than 100 years of experience in optical development and production is again reflected in this new ‘customized’ Edition,” says Nanette Roland, product manager of Observation Optics at Leica Camera AG.

Certainly, the Ultravid HD-Plus “customized” models, now available at Leica Stores and authorized Leica retailers, are worth looking into.