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Desirable Diversion

January 3, 2019        |

Ride Into The Future

Starting the New Year with a new ride, all thanks to BMW.

bmw logo

BMW has always been a terrific car brand known for the exquisite craftsmanship and sleek designs. Who hasn’t dreamed of tooling around town in a nice blue BMW? Or taking to the mountains in one of their sport vehicles? And of course, our kids dream of taking over our rides one day. While we can’t actually hand over our car keys just yet, the little ones can still live and feel the luxury of a BMW ride. Presenting the BMW Kids Collection.

BMW Baby Racer III

The youngest in the family will enjoy zooming around in the new sporty Baby Racer, for ages 1 to 3, all in the safety of your home. You’ll enjoy it too, thanks to the noise-cancelling rubber tires. The steering wheel has the BMW logo, just like Mom or Dad’s car, and in case your little one gets tuckered out, there is a tow rope attachment to turn the child-powered car into a parent-powered one.

BMW M4 Motorsport Ride On

For those a little older, that is 3-5 years, the M4 electric ride-on car is perfect. It has a new design which, I must say, is pretty styling. It has a top speed of 0.6 miles an hour, so Mom need not worry too much. After a charging time of 8-12 hours (likely while your young driver is sleeping), it can go for 1-2 hours. The integrated horn, radio, and MP3 interface will make them feel like they are kings of the road, able to choose their tunes for their imagined adventure.

Miniature RC BMW i8

Your tweener might feel better holding the controls of the radio controlled BMW, even though they aren’t sitting in the driver’s seat this time. The miniature version of the BMW i8 features gull-wing doors they can open via remote control. This one is sure to win the neighborhood RC race in both speed and looks. You might have to ask Dad to turn over the controls though.

BMW Kids Bike

For the more athletic or outdoorsy children, the BMW Kids Bike will be a great introduction to all things BMW. The craftsmanship and styling on this is modern and eye-catching. Best of all, it can go from balance bike to pedal bike with ease.

BMW City Scooter

While the BMW Kids Collection has given our kids several options, they haven’t forgotten those of us who are young at heart. The BMW City Scooter is dynamic and perfect for teens or not-so-teens. The scooter folds easily and has a kickstand for convenient parking. The splash protection will come in handy in case there are puddles. The lowerlying running board and big wheels combined with the height-adjustable handlebar make this an easy choice for a quick trip.

Talk To The Streets

No matter your child’s age, the BMW Kids Collection has something for them. And in case you feel like a sporty afternoon with the wind in your hair, they have something for you too.


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