Bert E. Casal
August 27, 2017     |    

Setting Your Bearings

Imagination and technology combine to produce an innovative way of presenting the world time function.

Casio introduced the Global Time Sync concept to analog watches to develop them for today’s global age. This technology was developed and placed in their G-SHOCK and OCEANUS watches. Also included with those watches is the GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor technology that receives both GPS satellite and radio wave time calibration signals. EDIFICE, on the other hand, was given the capability to link with a smartphone to set the time for some 300 cities across the world.

The new EQB-600D watch is the latest addition to the EDIFICE series of high performance watches. This watch links to a smartphone and boasts a new multidimensional inset dial that features an Earth motif, taking the wearer to the next step in world time technology.

The 3D Globe Dial is located at 3 o’clock. It is a dome-shaped, multidimensional inset dial with a representation of the Earth. This Earth model was created using advanced molding techniques by Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd., the production base of Casio in Japan. The finish is polarized, giving the viewer subtle color changes when viewed from different angles.

The EQB-600D watch links to a smartphone. It boasts a multidimensional inset of the earth.

The globe works in conjunction with the world time shown on the inset dial at 8 o’clock. Just like our planet, the 3D globe rotates once every 24 hours. There is a curved dial hand on the 3 o’clock sub dial. This indicates whether it is daytime or nighttime on the 8 o’clock sub dial. This provides a different interpretation of the day for the second time zone.

Casio developed the Accurate Time System, which further extends the time setting features of the watch when linked to a smartphone. This system is incorporated into the CASIO Watch+ smartphone app, which links with the EQB600D. The system connects to the internet time servers that supply the time data, matching it to a proprietary map database, to obtain accurate times by extracting time zone data in the current location, taking daylight savings time into account.


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