Katherine S. Cunanan
August 27, 2017     |    

Ethereal Existence

OMEGA provides the ladies with opportunities to express their emotions

A woman’s heart is as changeable as the weather in spring,’ says a Japanese proverb. The beauty of a woman is in all her varied emotions.” OMEGA once again provides the ladies with opportunities to express their emotions with a choice of wristwatches. Let’s take a closer look at two OMEGAs — the De Ville Prestige Dewdrop and the Constellation Pluma.

De Ville Prestige Dewdrop

The De Ville Prestige Dewdrop is a classic and elegant watch. The mother-of-pearl dial is accented by a diamond bezel, with hours marked by diamonds or Roman numerals (for the 3, 9 and 12). One version also a date window at the 6. The dewdrop-shaped beads make the bracelet look like it would sit comfortably on the wrist. Somehow the red gold version of this watch seems more aesthetically appealing than the yellow gold.

There is another version of the Dewdrop too, which features butterflies on the dial — three in gold while two are in outlines of gold. There are even more butterflies on the dial. Butterflies are traditionally symbols of transformation, hope, and life. What a wonderful reminder to have on you.

The De Ville Prestige Dewdrop comes in two sizes (32.7mm and 27.4mm) and two elements (18K red or yellow gold). The larger Dewdrop (the 32.7mm) is powered by the Co-Axial calibre 2500. The smaller Dewdrop (the 27.4mm) is powered by the OMEGA quartz calibre 4061.

Constellation Pluma

OMEGA first offered the Constellation in 2014 and since then has been well-liked for its elegance and innovations. With the Constellation Pluma, the focus is now on the dial – the delicate mother-of-pearl dial that has been further embellished with engraving.

Mother-of-pearl is the inner shell coating of the mollusks that produce pearls. The shells of the mollusks have three layers — with the innermost layer being nacre. The nacre is the mother-of-pearl, lustrous and luminescent. All mollusks have mother-of-pearl, but not all mollusks will produce a pearl. Once a speck of something foreign to a mollusk enters the mollusk, the pearl begins its formation. The mollusk encases that intruding speck in nacre in order to protect its soft body inside the shell. Would that all irritations produce something as beautiful as a pearl.

‘Pluma’ in Latin means feather, and the feathers engraved on the dial of the Constellation Pluma add a light and elegant touch. The bracelet is made of brushed stainless steel links and 18K red gold bars. Not as delicate as the Dewdrop but still feminine, the Pluma comes in at 27mm, and has 11 diamond indexes and 18k gold holders to accentuate the delicate coral mother-of-pearl. The bezel is executed in 18k red gold lined with 32 full-cut diamonds. Constellation Pluma is powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8520 that is visible through the domed caseback. This feather-touched watch comes with a four-year warranty.

Whether you choose the daintiness of the De Ville Dewdrop or the reserved femininity of the Constellation Pluma, you will be joyful.


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