Katherine S. Cunanan
April 28, 2020     |    

A Glamorous Twist in Time

Cartier presents a watch with a twist, the Maillon de Cartier is precious indeed.

A lady’s watch is an extension of her style. Some ladies prefer the classic serene watch while others choose a more statement-making timepiece. And thanks to the Cartier Maison, there are many watches to choose from. Their recent collection, the Maillon de Cartier, offers us a watch to suit the serene, the extreme, and those in between. “Maillon” is the French word for ‘link or chain-link’ and this collection features the link design in the bracelet. But not just any link, there is a twist in the link itself.

The chain-link design used by Cartier for the Maillon is a reinvention of the classic link. These Maillon links are offset and aligned on the bias. They provide movement, both visual and literal. The links are rectangular and when partnered with the hexagonal dial, the look is pure rhythmic geometry. As Marie-Laure Cérède, Timepieces Creation Director for Cariter says, “We wanted to deconstruct the bracelet and transcend its design through a volume approach. Emotion is in the movement and tension.”


There are six watches in this collection, and each one is beautiful. They share similar characteristics, such as being quartz-powered and having the same size. But the twist (pun intended) is in the details. The first three models have the off-center links in clear presentation. If the twisted links is what draws you to this Cartier watch, then you are spoilt for choice. The yellow gold Maillon de Cartier has a sapphire cabochon to bring a touch of color to the gold expanse. The pink gold and white gold Maillon de Cartier models each add a little bling with brilliant-cut diamonds on the crown and bezel.

The next two models are a cut above the others. The pink gold Maillon de Cartier has the bezel and bracelet both set in brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 8.30 carats. But wait, there is more. The white gold Maillon de Cartier watch is completely covered in diamonds – case, bezel, and dial – totaling 8.64 carats. This is the next-level, special event watch you’ve always wanted. And Cartier is happy to bring it to you.


The final model is in a league of its own. The black lacquer dial is so intense and beautiful that the gold hands are the perfect accent. The yellow gold case and bracelet are set with a total of 9.33 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds. This is a special Maillon de Cartier watch in a limited and numbered edition of 50 pieces. So if you’re looking for a twist, whether serene, extreme, or limited, the Maillon de Cartier fits the bill quite nicely.


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