Katherine S. Cunanan
March 12, 2018     |    

Cartier Panthère for the Spring and Summer

Cartier’s history has spanned from 1847 to the present, and their latest eyewear collection brings us pieces that echo the past yet promise the future.

Spring and summer are the seasons of new growth and adventure. Spring awakens the life from within each of us, whether or not we’ve spent months hibernating. There is something about a new bloom or sprout that signifies a fresh beginning. While Spring gives you the refreshing breath to move forward, Summer gives you the courage to take that next step. All roads lead to adventure, and Cartier provides us the eyewear to not only look amazing but to protect our eyes as well.

The Panthère de Cartier styles for 2018 are pure style and sophistication. The signature panther head is discreetly placed on each piece in the collection. The panther head itself is a work of art – small yet not insigificant. The master jewellers of Cartier put their handmade jewellery techniques to excellent use in this collection.

The panther, the iconic Cartier symbol, began its journey with Maison as an homage to Jeanne Toussaint. As director of the jewellery deaprtment in the late 1930s, she led the team to gently move away from the abstract and into the figurative. The Panthère Eyewear Collection is a smooth combination of the classic and the avant-garde, with the sensuality of the panther in clear focus. The round half-rim shape is perfect for the modern woman. The frame is light and flexible and comes with finishes of gold or platinum. You could opt for the rimless shield style, available in ruthenium with platinum finish and silver flash lenses, and in a gold version. The cat-eye shape is bound to be a favorite for the feline-hearted among us. The frame shape is classic, and thanks to the masters at Cartier, thoroughly modern as well. This one is in black or Havana with gold temples and finish.

The panther head is a miniature sculputre with hand-lacquered eyes and nose that are a nod to the black onyx often used in the Maison jewellery pieces. So realistic and exquisite in details, you can practically hear the purr.


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