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April 4, 2023        |

Porsche Unveils Intuitive Driver Experience in New Cayenne

A Closer Look at the Redesigned Cockpit and Enhanced Connectivity

Porsche introduces a new architecture for the interior of the new Cayenne that includes the Porsche Driver Experience, a digital display and control concept that focuses on the driver’s experience and offers intuitive operation. The new display and control concept will be presented at the Auto Shanghai show in China.

The new cockpit in the Cayenne offers a stronger driver focus and new interactive elements that enhance the driving experience for both drivers and passengers. The instrument cluster is a fully digital, free-standing, 12.6-inch curved display that offers up to seven different views.

The new Porsche Driver Experience balances digital and analogue elements to offer all the important controls within easy reach of the driver. The gear selector is now located to the right of the steering wheel, and the control lever for driver assistance systems is located directly on the steering wheel. The air conditioning control panel has also been redesigned and moved to the center console.

The new multifunction sports steering wheel is based on the 911 and features a modern, sporty design. It includes a driving mode switch and a toggle button for selecting functions and designs in the instrument cluster. The new air conditioning control panel on the center console features a high-quality, glass surface in a black panel design.

The central display is the control center of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) and offers numerous driving and comfort functions, as well as standard online navigation and multimedia functions. The new Cayenne also features an integrated 10.9-inch passenger display for the front passenger to operate the navigation or select a media service.

The interior of the new Cayenne offers a sporty ambiance with luxurious comfort and typical Cayenne design features. The dashboard has been redesigned with an increased horizontal emphasis to make the interior look even wider. The air vents are vertically aligned in typical Cayenne fashion, and all the air outlets in the cockpit are designed without louvers.

Porsche has further improved connectivity in the new Cayenne, including a cooled smartphone storage area with an inductive charging function, two USB-C ports in the front storage compartment, and another two USB-C ports in the rear area of the center console. All USB ports provide fast charging, and the front ones connect the smartphone to PCM. The new In-Car Video function allows videos to be played on the central display.