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June 27, 2023        |

Citroën “Ami for All”: Revolutionizing Mobility for Persons with Disabilities

Affordable electric mobility solution empowering independence and social integration.

Citroen introduces “Ami for All,” a pioneering concept developed in collaboration with PIMAS, an expert in modifying vehicles for People with Limited Mobility. This prototype intends to give people with disabilities, particularly those in wheelchairs, the opportunity to restore their freedom. It features clever technological advancements such as improved door opening angles, wheelchair-to-seat transfer equipment, manual and mechanical control systems, and novel wheelchair transportation solutions.

With “Ami for All,” Citroën introduces an affordable electric mobility solution that does not require a driving license. This groundbreaking concept offers an easy way to lead an active life and integrate socially, free from the limitations of depending on a third party or unpredictable public transportation schedules.

“Ami for All” perfectly aligns with Citroën’s philosophy of accessibility and mobility for all. Building upon the success of Ami, which caters to teenagers, the elderly, and individuals without a driving license, this technical solution now aims to support the mobility of persons with disabilities. Citroën is actively working to make this project a reality in the short term, emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

“Ami for All” is as user-friendly as any everyday electrical appliance. It requires no special charger and can be quickly and easily recharged using a conventional 220 V socket. Equipped with a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery located flat under the floor, recharging the vehicle is a seamless process that takes less than four hours to achieve a full charge.

The adaptation of “Ami for All” for persons with disabilities is standardized and easy to install, regardless of the chosen Ami version. Developed in collaboration with PIMAS, a leading company in vehicle conversion for Persons with Reduced Mobility, this design ensures simplicity and practicality. The mechanical adaptation of the passenger compartment enables easy access for individuals with leg impairments. Accessibility modifications include reworked driver’s door access, on-board transfer aids, and hand-level controls for the accelerator and brake pedals. The interior space is also adapted to accommodate dismantled wheelchairs.

Ami’s design makes on-board access simple. Individuals may easily enter and exit the car thanks to its broad door and rear-hinged entrance on the driver’s side. The increased angle of the door hinge enables for parallel placement of a wheelchair near the passenger compartment threshold. A removable, retractable shelf allows for independent transfer from the wheelchair to the passenger seat. A strap attached to the internal door frame also aids in the transfer from wheelchair to driver’s seat. These changes ensure a smooth and rapid transition.

Once on board, the driver benefits from a specially designed knob on the steering wheel, providing easy grip and excellent handling of “Ami for All.” In place of traditional pedals, an intuitive mechanical lever enables manual control of the accelerator and brake pedal, simplifying driving for individuals with disabilities. Notably, the original pedals remain operational for other users.

“Ami for All” offers two options for wheelchair transportation. In one configuration, the wheelchair can be stored in the passenger compartment, utilizing the generous storage volume available in Citroën Ami. The wheels are removed and securely fastened in the footwell using a specially designed strap, while the folded wheelchair occupies the passenger seat, secured by an additional seatbelt. This setup allows for independent travel.

If a passenger is present, the wheelchair can be placed in a specialized spot in the back of “Ami for All” using an aluminum luggage rack. The passenger can then install the wheelchair and cover it with a protective tarpaulin. This design maximizes cabin space, liberating individuals from relying on a third party and allowing them to become independent companions for everyday journeys and social occasions.

“Ami for All” is a groundbreaking concept that revolutionizes mobility for persons with disabilities. Citroën’s commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities is evident in this affordable electric mobility solution. By providing independence, ease of use, and social integration, “Ami for All” empowers individuals to lead active and fulfilling lives, unencumbered by transportation barriers.