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May 30, 2023        |

Porsche Extends Its eBike Offering with Two Exciting New Models

Introducing the Porsche eBike Cross Performance and Cross Performance EXC

The debut of two new Porsche eBike models pushes the frontiers of innovation and excitement once more. These cutting-edge bicycles, created in collaboration with renowned eBike specialist Rotwild, are designed to capture aficionados on both paved roads and off-road tracks. Porsche has designed the Porsche eBike Cross Performance and Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC, promising exciting experiences for riders seeking excellent chassis performance and unrivaled braking power.

These two new models will join the highly anticipated Porsche eBike lineup this spring. The Porsche eBike Cross Performance is made to meet the highest standards for braking power and chassis performance, ensuring an exhilarating ride on any surface. The Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC, on the other hand, combines the same exhilarating features with the additional choice of six authentic Porsche vehicle colors, enabling riders to make a statement as they conquer the trails. It is important to remember that the Porsche eBike Cross has been available for two years and has proven to be valuable by providing sporty action and maximum comfort off the beaten route.

For those seeking an even greater rush of adrenaline and excitement, the new Porsche eBike Cross Performance model is bound to satisfy. This extraordinary eBike boasts a Fox Factory suspension system, which, when combined with the powerful Shimano EP-801 motor and a 630 WH battery, guarantees maximum performance on the trail. Whether you’re climbing uphill or descending with speed, the electric 12-speed Shimano rear derailleur ensures you’re always in the right gear. Moreover, the EP801 motor provides two distinct riding profiles: Profile 1 offers three support modes—Eco, Trail, and Boost—while Profile 2’s Fine Tune Mode enables riders to individually configure up to 15 support parameters, tailoring the riding experience to their specific preferences.

With the release of these new eBike variants, Porsche is reiterating its dedication to offering thrilling and high-performance vehicles outside of the sphere of automobiles. Due to the partnership with Rotwild, unique eBikes have been created that combine Porsche’s famous engineering prowess with Rotwild’s expertise in eBikes. These new eBikes promise to give an exceptional riding experience, fusing cutting-edge technology, breathtaking design, and unmatched performance, whether you’re an avid cyclist or a thrill-seeking adventurer. Prepare yourself for exhilarating journeys on the Porsche eBike Cross Performance and Cross Performance EXC, which push the limits of what is possible on two wheels.