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Desirable Diversion

Carl S. Cunanan
December 16, 2021        |

Montblanc And Their Bags

It really is ALL in the details.

And the most important detail for this Montblanc bag (a Montblanc Nightflight Document Case Slim), at least for me and a lot of you that know me, isn’t what you would expect.

Yes it is a good combination of leather with a robust fabric to make a good lightweight travel bag you won’t worry about too much. Many don’t realize that Montblanc actually gives their leather accessories and luggage line from their facilities in Italy (they have a wonderful place in Florence) the same level of attention as their watches made in Switzerland and their pens made in Germany. The right horses for the right courses.


Yes it is subtle in branding, always good while travelling. The Montblanc star/snow capped mountaintop we look for peeking out of the right pockets is small and discrete enough that you won’t notice it. Want branding? Montblanc gives you the option of monograms, even provides different colors of leather if you want to go flashy red or minimalist black.

Speaking of travel, the bag does have a pass-through space but you can’t really see it. It allows you to put the bag safely onto a roller bag or trolley handle without the worry of it falling off. As someone who has chased bags down escalators, I think this is a good thing. About the level of detail? It has a zippered bottom, so it is useful rather than just an empty space. It can be an extra pocket. Just remember to zip it.

(Left to right) A Montblanc Around The World in 80 Days Limited Edition, The Montblanc Miles Davis Limited Edition, A Montblanc Meisterstück Elbphilharmonie Limited Edition Rose Gold, A classic Montblanc MB 149
The big MB 149s fit comfortably and securely, as they should.

The favorite detail? You really wouldn’t expect it from anyone other than Montblanc or custom cases for fountain pen collectors. Montblanc is known for the historic Meisterstück pen line and in particular the big MB 149 and the other collectible model lines. The first thing I checked, and the first thing many pen collectors will check, is just how big the pen loops and spaces are. A small detail to some, crucial to others. Probably crucial to a small percentage of the people who will buy the bags, as their travel and luxury luggage and accessories line is getting so strong nowadays. A detail many large companies would overlook. If they didn’t really care.

It is heartwarming to see that the level of detail and appreciation (and value to those that understand it) we have come to expect from the Montblanc fountain pens and wristwatches extends past those that have already become collector favorites and enthusiast pieces.


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