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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

March 10, 2023        |

Label Noir X Courbet

Courbet, a jeweller known for its use of laboratory-grown diamonds and recycled gold, has partnered with Label Noir, a Swiss company that specializes in personalization, to create four limited edition bracelets for men. This collaboration marks the first time in Courbet’s history that they have teamed up with a Swiss company.

Label Noir’s expertise in the functional and aesthetic art of personalization includes a technology called a-DLC (Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon). This technology allows for the tinting of gold with dark shades, ranging from anthracite grey to black, which provides Courbet with a unique creative outlet. Together, Courbet and Label Noir represent the avant-garde of traditional watchmaking and jewelry, bringing a new perspective to masculine identity.

Label Noir

The limited edition bracelets, available for purchase from March 10th, 2023 on both the Label Noir and Courbet websites, as well as from selected retailers, combine treated gold and diamonds to create a fascinating chiaroscuro effect that subtly covers the wrist like a precious tattoo. The eclipse emblem of the House, with its CO motif, stands out in relief from the coldness of the gold, symbolizing the union of the iconic skills of Label Noir and Courbet. The bracelets’ lines are masculine, rock-inspired, and rebellious, inviting a new style expression. This unique collection of two cord bracelets and two bangles reflects a singular art of living that blends raw nature and dandyism, and can be worn alone or together.


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