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January 22, 2024        |

AX Visio – Revolutionizing Nature Observation with AI-Supported Binoculars

SWAROVSKI OPTIK Unveils the World's First Smart Binoculars for a Next-Level Viewing Experience

In celebration of its 75th anniversary, SWAROVSKI OPTIK, a global leader in sports optics, is introducing a groundbreaking technological marvel in 2024. The AX Visio, the world’s first AI-supported binoculars, seamlessly merge high-performance analog long-range optics with cutting-edge digital intelligence. Designed by the renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, these binoculars are set to redefine the future of nature observation.

The official launch of the AX Visio is scheduled for January 8, 2024, at the CES in Las Vegas, the world’s largest event for digital technologies. Starting February 1, 2024, enthusiasts can purchase the AX Visio from selected retailers and online at swarovskioptik.com

Stefan Schwarz, CEO of SWAROVSKI OPTIK, highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting consumer needs in hunting, birdwatching, and outdoor activities. Leveraging their decades of experience and advanced production technologies, SWAROVSKI OPTIK aims to provide optimal technological solutions for each application, integrating digital components to enhance product value.

The AX Visio 10×32 revolutionizes natural experiences with intelligent technology and high-precision analog optics in SWAROVISION quality. With real-time identification of over 9,000 birds and wildlife, an integrated camera for capturing photos and videos, and a dedicated SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor App, users can manage and share their discoveries effortlessly. The “Share discoveries” function allows users to guide others to observed objects using arrow markers on the display.

The development of AX Visio took approximately five years, resulting in binoculars comprising around 390 hardware parts. The integrated operating and object-recognition system, powered by a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), ensures rapid processing of relevant information for object recognition. The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor App serves as a hub for managing images, device settings, and future updates.

Andreas Gerk, Chief Technology and Operations Officer at SWAROVSKI OPTIK, emphasized the added value for users, describing the AX Visio as offering a genuine viewing experience enhanced by digital input.

The sustainability of AX Visio is a key focus, with analog components meeting SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s quality standards and digital features regularly updated through system and function updates. An open programming interface allows external providers to enhance the AX Visio with new functionalities, promoting continuous innovation to meet user needs effectively.

Produced with a high degree of vertical integration at SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s main site in Absam, Austria, the AX Visio represents 75 years of experience in high-precision sport optics. CEO Stefan Schwarz sees this as a unique selling proposition, marking not only technological leadership in the sport optics market but also the beginning of a new technological era for SWAROVSKI OPTIK. The AX Visio is not just a flagship project but a pioneering product setting the stage for a future of enhanced vision and information.

The AX Visio from SWAROVSKI OPTIK introduces a new era in nature observation, combining analog and digital technologies to provide users with an immersive and intelligent viewing experience.