Richard S. Cunanan
September 30, 2017     |    

Speed for Style

Win the race and look good doing it.

Casio is making a Baby G-Shock to take it on the run.

Casio’s G-Shock line is not only one of the sturdiest watches ever made, it’s one of the most successful. The brand’s creation of an affordable, resilient watch has given way to a thousand different models, an endless and infinitely customizable array of watches that are as much your own as they are the brand’s, and are as durable as they are popular.

The Baby-G is the women’s line of G-Shocks, and by now this has grown to be as comprehensive and diverse as the men’s have. The original G-Shock watches were meant to endure; all their design was based around making them tough, able to withstand all sorts of untenable abuse that would normally destroy a watch. The original three requirements of a G-Shock watch were that it have a 10-Bar water resistance, a 10-year battery life, and survive a 10-meter drop. Seriously: they tested them by putting them underwater and by dropping them out of windows. The G-Shock was made to be tough, and nothing else. But that line has grown. The G-Shock and the Baby-G have become so much more than their original parameters required, and now they have an amazing range of capabilities. Indeed, the biggest problem these days with buying a Baby-G is choosing from among the options.

“…the vibrant color choices make for a dynamic and sporty selection”

In the BGA-240L series, you have Baby-G watches that were tailor-made for the running crowd. There are four different color schemes for the Baby-G BGA-240L, and they come in lime green and white, black and orange, blue and pink, and blue and sky blue. The watches all have two-tone watch straps made from resin, and the vibrant color choices make for a dynamic and sporty selection. The look is practical as well: the watch was designed to be easy to read even while running. Casio achieves this through clean-cut hands, bar index marks, and large digital displays.

If looks could kill, the Baby-G 240L would be slaying it on that basis alone. But the watch has to do more than just look good. Each BGA-240L carries a host of features, enough to cover almost any timing need. There is a lap timer that measures each segment of a run, and can track to within 1/100th of a second. There is an alarm, naturally, that allows you to get up early for those all-day race affairs. Actually, the watch has THREE alarms, so you have no excuse whatsoever. There is dual time, a full auto-calendar, 12 or 24 hour formatting, and so many more things that you might justly feel like you can’t tell if you own it or it owns you. But hey, that’s Casio watchmaking for you: all the information in the world is at your fingertips. Or, well, on your wrist, if you’re being specific.

“…Baby-G watches that were tailor-made for the running crowd”

There is also a split time function, that can measure the total elapsed time from the start of the race to any specified point during the run. You can keep up to 60 captured times stored in the stopwatch memory. This makes for a great way to not only track your times, but to see your own improvement. Onward and upward, that’s the Baby-G way. Win the race and look good doing it.


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