Katherine S. Cunanan

Modern Beauties

The unexpected? Of course. Beautiful? Of course

Richard Mille watches are creative and eccentric. These watches stop you right in your tracks. The watches are bold, daring, and audacious. Modernly beautiful.

The first luxury watch released by Richard Mille SA was the RM001, a tourbillon with the tonneau case, modernized. The direction of the company was clear – form and function, executed with absolute luxury. The company also showed no fear when it came to using materials never before seen in timepieces.

In 2005, Richard Mille turned his sights from the gentlemen to the ladies. The first Richard Mille ladies’ watch, the RM07, was an automatic movement and the boldness seen in the men’s collection was evident in the ladies collection.

Each watch that Richard Mille has in their ladies collection caters to the strength and uniqueness of women. Richard Mille’s governing passion is doing the best with the best. They spare no expense, and their effort is seen on every surface of every watch. The watches are technically impressive and aesthetically pleasing.

The Richard Mille lady is bold and confident, and wants a watch that meets her expectations. The watch must be strong in movement and modern in look. The Richard Mille ladies watches are envisioned and crafted for just such a lady.

The RM 037 is a brilliant specimen of the craftsmanship of Richard Mille. Light as a feather, it brings the light as well, thanks to the diamonds that adorn it. Carbon TPT is (erroneously) assumed by some people to be only a man’s material. Richard Mille begs to differ and their watch proves it. The look of the RM 037 gem-set watch in Carbon TPT is intense and distinct. The diamonds that cover the case are reflected in the dial as well. Powered by the in-house calibre CRMA1, the watch features a skeletonized dial features a smaller frame of diamonds in the same tonneau shape of the case.

The use of new and innovative materials is evident in the Richard Mille Automatic RM 07-01 ladies watch, as it also uses Carbon TPT. The case of this RM 07-01 is carbon gem-set, and the rolling pattern of the carbon fiber is a sleek juxtaposition against the brilliance of the diamonds.  Unlike metal that can be tooled and worked to hold a gem, the carbon TPT case needs hand-polished prongs to hold the gems in place.

Ceramic is a wonderful material for a timepiece as it is lighter, stronger, and more scratch-resistant than some metals. As Cécile Guenat, Technical Director for Jewellery-making at Richard Mille explains, ‘We naturally gravitated to ceramic, because it had never been done before.’

The RM 07-10 Black Ceramic is powered by the automatic movement, in-house calibre CRMA2. The dial is executed in red gold and the black onyx and diamonds are a fitting echo of the bezel. The ceramic is clean and has a smooth finish thanks to the fine grain. Working with ceramic is already a challenging task. Richard Mille ups the ante by taking on the additional task of setting diamonds into the black ceramic. And the result is positively gorgeous.

As Richard Mille continues to blow past the boundaries and give us the unexpected, one thing is for certain: the fearless and fantastic ladies will always find a watch to match their passion and boldness in a Richard Mille timepiece.


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