Katherine S. Cunanan
May 24, 2021     |    

Happy-ness With Chopard

Chopard has chosen several women who embrace and embody the Chopard Happy spirit.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and it’s easy to understand why. They glitter and sparkle, and just look fabulous. But diamonds are more than just surface enhancement because the whole process that carbon undergoes to become the sparkling gemstone also speaks to strength and resilience. Beauty and substance — exactly like a woman.

Chopard has chosen several Happy Women who in their own way have made bold decisions and have helped shape our world. Their energy is vibrant and electric, and their passion is inspiring. Let’s get to know these Happy Women a little bit.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is an Indian actress, though she was born in Denmark. She has numerous Bollywood films to her credit, and has dabbled in modeling. Her key to happiness is to be present and mindful, to live a life fuelled by authenticity, purpose, and empathy. The dancing diamonds on her Happy Sport watch evoke joy, happiness, and liberation; she would partner her Happy Sport watch with pieces from the Happy Spirit collection.

Jung Ryeo-won

Jung Ryeo-won is an actress born in South Korea. She has a minimalist approach to her home and with her outlook. She believes letting go is better than holding onto something in vain, and she focuses on her inner voice, that sometimes leads to bursting-out vivacious laughter. The dancing diamonds on her Happy Sport watch remind her of kids skating on an ice rink. Luxury, for her, is not tied to extravagance but instead comes from something that has wonderful stories with it, just like the Chopard Happy watch.

Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink is an American actress who has graced both television and Broadway stages. She enjoys a classic move or an engaging family game night. Creativity is important to her and she surrounds herself with hobbies that fulfill her. She appreciates Chopard’s focus on their products affect on the environment. The Maison’s pieces are multi-functional and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Anne Nakamura

Anne Nakamura is a Japanese actress with a strong social media following. Good weather with bright sunshine makes her happy, and she believes movement keeps her refreshed. Her intuitive personality keeps her curious and she wants to keep pushing forward and not be stagnant. The Happy Diamonds are a good match for her, with their freedom to move about the watchcase. She pairs her Happy Diamonds watch with the Happy Hearts Flowers earrings. Thanks to Chopard’s commitment to responsible luxury, she has taken an interest in learning where gold has been sourced before choosing to acquire an item.

Dorra Zarrouk

Dorra Zarrouk is a Tunisian actress who started out in modeling then moved to theater and eventually to movies. Happiness for her is love and kindness, forgiveness and moving forward. Chopard represent everlasting style that is elegant and luxurious, and the pieces are well suited for glamorous events and every-day style. She pairs her Happy Sport watch with jeans and t-shirt, or with a chic dress for date night.

Yang Zi

Yang Zi is an award-winning Chinese actress who began her acting life as a child. She takes pride in playing her assigned roles well and believes in living each day to the fullest. It seems she has not lost her childlike innocence and curiosity. The dancing diamonds on her Happy Sport watch evoke a free spirit, just like her. Being free-spirited allows her to pursue the things she is passionate about.

Chopard’s Happy Diamonds watches are the perfect watch for a strong and resilient woman, who really deserves to be Happy. Those free-moving diamonds within the case are at once elegant and playful, whether you are busy at work or play. Though many women may own a Chopard Happy Diamonds watch, each one truly belongs to the woman who wears it.


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