March 1, 2019    |    

Tokyobike Garage Sale

The inspiration and ethos for tokyobike begun with the name.

In the same way that a mountain bike is suitable for riding across mountains, tokyobike is for pedaling around Tokyo. We want you to forget the bicycle itself and simply enjoy the ride. That is why we emphasize comfort over speed, and a feeling of lightness at the first turn of the pedal. All our frames and parts are based on this concept of ” TOKYO SLOW ” – that is what tokyobike is all about.

Our bicycles are designed to fit into a thoughtful, and design conscious urban lifestyle. Designed in Tokyo, they exude their Japanese roots with clean lines, and minimalistic style.


Tokyobike frames are beautifully crafted of lightweight Cr-Mo steel, and made in Taiwan. Our wheel sizes are smaller to accommodate a tight fit in small living spaces, ease of transport onto public transportation, and most importantly, they are agile and accelerate more quickly in traffic.

A tokyobike is meant to be quick, comfortable, and beautiful enough to hang in your living room.

Tokyobike philippines is hosting their first ever garage sale on March 2, 2019 (Saturday). Some models will be discounted up to 70% OFF! Accessories such as Brooks leather saddles will also be on sale. Pre-registration is required by simply texting your complete name to 0998-998-8000. Admission is free! For more info, visit @tokyobike.ph on social media.


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