The new 2021 Patek Philippe Nautilus… in Olive Green!

After telling the world the much sought-after 5711/1A would leave us, the newly-hatched enthusiasts were all confused. Why stop the most coveted piece on the planet?

One answer is, Patek Philippe is, well, Patek Philippe. They have a history to guard and a future to guide. Not just for themselves but for the industry. And the Nautilus, as desired as it was, has never been the epitome of all the name and family stand for.

Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe

Their 2021 novelty of note, at least upon opening of Watches and Wonders, is the Nautilus in… olive green. The 5711/1A-014 has a quite elegant sunburst dial in olive green, a first for the model line. It uses the self-winding calibre 26-330 SC that has been used since 2019. It features a stop-seconds mechanism to allow the time to be set more precisely. A sapphire crystal casebook allows viewing of the movement.

Interestingly, if you consider the name Nautilus as tied to the seashell, then a deep green is a good follow-on to a blue. And while many might consider olive green to be a somewhat bold choice, there is no question that the watch will be coming into a world of hugely high demand.


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