August 9, 2023    |    

The King Seiko Tokyo-Inspired Chrysanthemum Wristwatch

A fusion of tradition and innovation, capturing the essence of Japanese craftsmanship

In a celebration of heritage and ingenuity, King Seiko introduces an exquisite wristwatch that pays homage to its birthplace and the timeless elegance of Japanese culture. Set to be unveiled in October 2023, this limited-edition timepiece seamlessly weaves together the spirit of Tokyo’s rich history and the artistry of modern watchmaking.

A meticulously patterned white dial inspired by the legendary chrysanthemum sits at the center of this masterpiece. The chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity and energy in Japanese culture, and its meaning is exquisitely expressed through a fascinating pattern known as kiku tsunagi-mon. This delicate pattern, reminiscent of the interconnecting petals of a chrysanthemum, derives from the famed edo-kiriko glassware, where history and artistry combine to create magnificent cut glass designs.

The watch’s design takes cues from the iconic 1965 King Seiko KSK, infusing contemporary flair with a nod to history. Angular and faceted, the watch’s case showcases a harmonious interplay of light and geometry, reflecting the brand’s dedication to precision and aesthetics. Complementing the case’s geometry, the faceted hour and minute hands not only embody Seiko’s craftsmanship but also resonate with the chrysanthemum’s timeless allure.

Seiko’s slimline Caliber 6L35, the engine propelling this miracle, is at the core of innovation. Despite having automated winding and a date display, innovations in case construction have allowed this current iteration to preserve a small profile, surpassing the original King Seiko KSK in thinness.

The new King Seiko chrysanthemum wristwatch is a true tribute to the brand’s commitment to perfection in an era where legacy meets innovation. Each meticulous detail tells a story of tradition kept and boundaries pushed, symbolizing the essence of Tokyo itself – a city where history and progress coexist in perfect harmony. Collectors and connoisseurs will be able to possess a piece of this blend of heritage and modernity as autumn approaches. The chrysanthemum wristwatch will be sold only at Seiko Boutiques and select global merchants. Accept the harmony of Tokyo’s legacy and forward-thinking artistry – an eternal gem for people who value the past while looking to the future.


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