Katherine S. Cunanan

Fabulous Venom

Definitely Desirable

Superheroes have been hitting the big screen lately, much to our satisfaction. Whether headlined by a single superhero or a team of them, the movies are always action-packed and adventurous, and make for a good way to spend a few hours. Challenges appear, heroes save the day. All is good in the world of the superhero.

But something needs to be said for the antihero too. The darker, more somber character who appeals to us, even if we deny it. Man is a combination of good and bad, kindness and evil. And in the much-anticipated upcoming film Venom, Marvel brings to life one of the most enigmatic and complex antiheroes.

Of course we would need someone worthy of Venom’s depth and strength, capable of being decidedly evil yet somehow able to win our hearts and empathy at the same time. None other than Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy fits the bill. Bringing the character of Eddie Brock and the lethal protector to life, Tom Hardy is brooding yet still attractive (obviously).

And of course an antihero such as Venom needs a watch that can keep up with him. Enter, new U-2/51-JET, from Bremont, stealthy and seductive. Nick English, Bremont Co-Founder, says “Tom is not only a phenomenally talented actor but is perfectly placed to bring to life this lethal protector and his struggle between good and bad. The jet black, synonymous with the RAF 100 Squadron, has certainly made the U-2/51-Jet Bremont’s stealthiest watch to date which we felt lent itself to the darker side of the film. We’re honoured to have Eddie Brock, played by Tom, wearing our watch throughout and we’re incredibly excited to see the finished product in October (2018).”

Bremont has also collaborated with comic artist and aviation enthusiast Adi Granov to paint the Bremont Broussard, the brand’s aircraft formerly from the French military. Adi gave Venom a modern-day twist as he depicted Venom on the nose of the Broussard, complete with viciously menacing teeth.

Adi Granov said “The Bremont Bus is such an integral part of the Bremont brand story and so this is one of the largest scale projects I’ve ever worked on. The biggest challenge I’ve found was trying to keep the perspective on both sides of the aircraft. I’m an aircraft enthusiast as well as a watch enthusiast so when I was approached to work on this project it was great and it’s amazing to see my piece of art flying through the air.”

Venom is visible in the sky, the perfect precursor for Venom on the silver screen.