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The Lamborghini Sián Roadster Combines Classic V12 Power with Groundbreaking Hybrid Technology

Attempting to translate into words the visual and auditory stimulus brought on by Automobili Lamborghini’s visionary new Sián Roadster is quite a handful. For a brand that is well known to design and develop breathtaking and fire-breathing supercars, their new limited edition, open-top hybrid V12 powered super sports car still manages to raise the bar again. So much so that all 19 units slated to be produced in this limited edition run has already been spoken for.

In creating the Sián Roadster, Lamborghini places the driver in roofless cockpit giving him a spectacular driver’s point of view plus an open air environment. Moreover, the lovely mechanical sounds emanating from the most powerful V12 engine that Italian carmaker has produced resonates freely into the cockpit takes the driving experience to another level is incomparable.

Sián Roadster
Sián Roadster

The Sián Roadster’s long sculpted contours and aero wings give the car an undeniable powerful profile. From above, the car’s contour give of a Countach vibe, with the iconic periscopio line running diagonally from the cockpit to the rear and ending in the aerodynamic airstreamers behind driver and passenger. The extreme and strong rear of the car incorporates Lamborghini’s evocative hexagon design, including six hexagonal taillights inspired by the Countach yet again. The rear wing is integrated within the profile and extends out only during the driving to enhance the performance. The Sián Roadster has a menacingly low front-stance made more aggressive with the integrated carbon fiber splitter. Lighting up the road ahead are a pair of the now-famous Y-shaped headlights.

Powering the Sián Roadster is the next generation of Lamborghini’s V12 engine. The Roadster’s name is derived from the Bolognese dialect meaning “flash” or “lightning” and serves its purpose well considering the Sián comes with hybrid power augmenting the naturally aspirated powerplant, part of Lamborghini’s future hybrid strategy. This hybrid system provides the highest possible power output vis-à-vis the lightest solution. The new powertrain coupled to the V12 features a 48-volt e-motor producing 34 horsepower straight to the gearbox providing instant response and improved performance. Low speed maneuvers such as parking and reversing can also be handled by the e-motor with no problems at all. With 785hp from the V12, the additional 34hp from the hybrid system delivers a total of 819 horsepower or 602 kW. Blessed with a low weight-to-power ratio of 2kg per horsepower, the Sián Roadster accelerates from 0-100kph in under 2.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 350 kp/h.

Sián Roadster

Adding to the Sián Roadster’s power efficiency is the addition of a sophisticated regenerative braking system especially developed by Lamborghini. By using a supercapacitor instead of contemporary Lithium Ion batteries, the Sián’s energy storage system is fully charged every time the brakes are engaged.

The Lamborghini Sian Roadster incorporates a highly sophisticated regenerative braking system developed by Lamborghini. Using a supercapacitor rather than Lithium Ion batteries, the symmetric behavior of the capacitor allows the energy system to be fully charged every time the brakes are engaged. The energy stored is an instantly-available power boost, allowing the driver to draw immediately on increased torque when accelerating away, up to 130 km/h when the e-motor automatically disconnects, improving the elasticity maneuvers and making it more than 10% faster than a car without this system.

The Sián Roadster is slated to debut in Blu Uranus, selected by Lamborghini’s Centro Stile which together with the Ad Personam department works together with each client in personalizing every aspect of their Roadster. The debuting Roadster will also come with Oro Electrum wheels, the color chosen to signify the dawn of Lamborghini’s electrification program. Newly designed air vents using 3-D printing also allows for customization with the client’s initials provides a deeper personalized Sián Roadster.


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