Happy Sport: A Mesmerizing Ballet of Pink Elegance and Dancing Diamonds

Chopard unveils the latest Happy Sport timepiece with a stunning pink dial and Lucent Steel™ craftsmanship.

In 1993, Chopard introduced the Happy Sport, an iconic timepiece celebrating women who boldly embrace their destinies. This extraordinary watch, renowned for its playful dance of diamonds, now unveils a new chapter with a captivating pink dial that exudes softness and femininity. The Happy Sport is a testament to free spirit and Joie de Vivre, daily reinvented by the women who wear it.

The heart of this enchanting timepiece is a round case with gentle, soothing curves—a protective talisman that captures every woman’s gaze. The Happy Sport becomes a mirror reflecting the wearer’s energy, expressed through a mesmerizing ballet of dancing diamonds—a delightful game of chance and kinetic energy that defines the essence of this iconic watch.

The color waltz at the center of the dial adds to its charm. The calm pastel tint produces a healing cocoon and an ultra-chic appeal. Following recent variations in sky blue and mint green, the new pink color, which represents confident femininity, complements the collection’s jewelry-like craftsmanship. The sunburst effect of the ornamentation constantly replenishes the heart of light, while a pink sapphire on the crown compliments the dial in an ideal color match.

Chopard has elevated the Happy Sport’s craftsmanship by using Lucent Steel™ for the case and link bracelet. Crafted from 80% recycled material, this exclusive alloy boasts properties comparable to surgical steel—brighter, stronger, and more comfortable to wear than standard steel. The result is a harmonious fusion of diamonds and Lucent Steel™, accentuating the twirling motion of the dancing diamonds.

Happy Sport has been a style icon since its inception, combining genres, steel, and diamonds with unrivaled originality. Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, envisioned a watch that is both elegant and easygoing. Happy Sport is sophisticated yet sporty, joyous and naughty, defying aesthetic rules while maintaining its feminine essence. This timepiece opens the door to unlimited transformations, representing the spirit of women’s emancipation—a wrist-worn talisman with the powerful message: “Be Happy!”

Chopard’s latest Happy Sport timepiece with its pink elegance and dancing diamonds stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and the celebration of women’s unique journeys. Embrace destiny with the Happy Sport—a watch that goes beyond telling time to tell a story of elegance, joy, and empowerment.


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