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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

Carl S. Cunanan
June 22, 2021        |

Milan. Like you’ve never seen it before. With Bulgari.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a must see in Milan. Centrally located with amazing architecture and wonderful shopping, it is quite a draw, and many are very familiar with it.

Bulgari made it look and feel completely different.

The launch of the new Bulgari Magnifica High Jewelry pieces began in shadow, with light creating shadows with the architectural detail of the famous structures in ways you would never remember. Then the voice of Andrea Bocelli comes is with his own interpretation of “Ode To Joy.” And it, sung in Italian by Bocelli, is just as the Galleria is. Familiar yet like nothing before.

A diverse cast of supermodels were part of the most unusual show, adding their classic shapes to those of the Galleria itself and supported aurally by internationally acclaimed Italian orchestra conductor Beatrice Venezi.

The idea was to put the new line of fine jewelry with timeless architecture, but it came off in a way that was as powerful as the architecture but also as exquisite in design as the pieces themselves. These pieces included an Imperial Spinel necklace with a 131.21 carat spinel (the fourth largest in the world) and the Mediterranean Queen necklace showing five oval cushion-cut Paraiba tourmalines juxtaposed with emeralds and diamonds.

The quick but stunning show was broadcast on the Bulgari website and social media, and ended with the girls standing on the steps of the sculptural engineered sun. The effect of the whole show was a combination of history and energy, of strength and power but also of elegance and precision. And passion.


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