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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

Katherine S. Cunanan
July 12, 2021        |

Messika Magnetic Attraction, Beautiful Movement in Jewelry

Messika explores creative expression with dazzling diamonds and their Magnetic Attraction collection.

The world is slowly getting back to normal, albeit a new normal. We can see our family and friends but we need to stay a little further away from them. We want to get close but we can’t get too close. It’s like a dance, a social dance. Movement can convey a message, a feeling, an attraction. And when you combine movement with dazzling diamonds, you get quite an amazing message.

Messika High Jewelry’s latest collection, Magnetic Attraction, is that amazing message. Valérie Messika has created an ode to dance featuring dazzling diamonds in sixteen fabulous pieces. There are rings, necklaces, earrings, even ankle bracelets. The focus is on diamonds, white or yellow, and how they can be combined to show us different messages: that two are better than one, that opposites attract, and that learning to move in this ‘new normal’ can be a wonderful experience. Messika chose dancer and choreographer Fanny Sage to showcase these amazing pieces within her beautiful dance movements.


Pear Lover
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and a pear-cut diamond is just so alluring. A pear-cut diamond has the same number of facets as a round brilliant cut diamond (58), but the placement and shape of the facets will influence how the light reflects from the stone.

Known as ‘tears of the gods,’ pear-cut diamonds are certainly tears of joy. There are several jewelry pieces to choose from here, each one exquisite. The stand out piece is the necklace with 16 pear shaped diamonds, with a fancy yellow diamond taking center stage (total diamond weight of 38.04 carats).


Diamond Magnet
The truth is that opposites attract, but kindred spirits gravitate towards each other. It is a reality, and one that is illustrated so well with the pieces from Messika. As Valérie Messika says, “The energy within the heart of the diamond can be found in a human being and through the body’s natural movement, and especially through dance which I wants to symbolize through this collection.” Though there are several pieces to choose from here, there are two rings that catch your eye: the Toi & Moi ring (total diamond weight of 10.64 carats), with two fancy yellow pear-cut diamonds connected by 2 bands of diamonds, and the Two-Finger Ring (total diamond weight of 11.05 carats), with one fancy yellow pear-cut diamond. The Toi & Moi ring, meaning you and me, would be a nice anniversary present, with each pear-cut diamond symbolizing someone in the relationship.


Magnetic Love
These pieces again seem to show the attraction between objects of beauty. The earrings feature 2 beautiful pear-cut diamonds, in different sizes, with one seemingly stable and fixed in position, and the other moving more freely and trying to catch up with the other one (total diamond eight of 10.82 carats).


Dancing on Air
The Bohemian vibe is strong in these pieces, and the diamonds add glamor and finesse. The earring and hand bracelet are beautiful, but the ankle bracelet seems the piece to have here. Not many women can pull off an ankle bracelet, and it takes confidence and grace down to your toes. There are two pear-cut diamonds, connected by a chain of smaller diamonds (total diamond weight of 9.88 carats); imagine how the facets would catch the light as you make your way to the dance floor.


Pear Appeal
Of all the pieces in the Pear Appeal set, the most intriguing for me are the ear clip and the headpiece. Don’t get me wrong, the earrings (total diamond weight of 27.69 carats) and the two-finger ring (total diamond weight of 15.83 carats) are showstoppingly gorgeous. But the ear clip is more gentle and discreet expression of your personality (total diamond weight of 0.33 carats). And the headpiece is also a clever way to express your individuality too, with those two pear-cut diamonds (total diamond weight of 8.61 carats). Only those who are keen observers would spot these dazzling beauties.

To truly appreciate the beauty of the movements and the jewelry, check out the Messika videos with Fanny Sage: you will be mesmerized. Enjoy losing yourself in the expression.


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