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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

June 26, 2023        |

Bulgari Mediterranea High-Jewelry: A Journey Through Beauty and Culture

Exploring the magnificence of Bulgari's latest high jewelry collection

Bulgari invites you on a mesmerizing voyage across the Mediterranean Sea with its latest collection, Mediterranea High-Jewelry. This exquisite collection represents the pinnacle of Bulgari’s craftsmanship and creativity, drawing inspiration from the diverse cultures, arts, and traditions that have thrived along the Mediterranean coast for centuries.

Venice, the center of Mediterranean influences, is the ideal setting for Bulgari’s 2023 brand event, where the collection will be introduced. Venice, like Rome, represents cultural openness and serves as a melting pot of ideas and impulses. Bulgari captures the essence of these varied inspirations in their colorful assortment of outstanding jewelry designs, from the secret gardens of the Silk Road to the sandy deserts of Africa.

The collection, divided into three universes, explores the facets of the Mediterranean universe. The “Southern Radiance” creations embody the vibrancy and fierce spirit of Southern Italy, featuring intricate architecture, lush gardens, and sunny coastlines. The Mediterranean Muse necklace, adorned with stunning blue-toned gems, captures the beauty of the sea, while the Southern Sapphire platinum necklace with a 66.88-carat Ceylon sapphire showcases balanced elegance and exquisite perfection.

The “Roman Splendor” collection pays respect to Rome’s splendor, lavishness, and rarity. The Roman Esedra sautoir, inspired by the architecture and mythology of the Eternal City, features a brilliant 68.88-carat emerald set in a hexagonal pendant, radiating with Bulgari’s trademark exuberance. The Muse of Rome necklace, which features a stunning 218.53-carat emerald, showcases the eternal splendor of the city, and the Acanthus Emerald necklace is inspired by the reliefs of the Ara Pacis, representing ageless beauty and phenomenal craftsmanship.

The “East Meets West” creations celebrate the Mediterranean Sea as a crossroads of cultures. The Oriental Fantasy necklace, inspired by the warm dunes of deserts, showcases mandarin garnets and citrines, evoking the earthy hues of Northern African spice markets. The Oriental Buds pink gold necklace features a 13.34-carat antique cushion emerald, surrounded by a lush exotic garden inspired by Byzantine architecture.

Bulgari’s Tribute to Venice High Jewelry necklace defies convention by combining contemporary allure with the beauty of Venetian architecture. The snake, Bulgari’s distinctive emblem, is key to the collection, representing life, wisdom, and metamorphosis. The Mediterranean Sapphire Serpenti necklace features sapphires and platinum in a sinuous shape that reflects the unique colors of the Mediterranean sea. The Baroque Serpenti necklace mixes sensuality and empowerment by combining emeralds and diamonds in a celebration of strength.

Mediterranea embodies Bulgari’s sophisticated spirit and universal language of beauty and excellence. This collection not only showcases the brand’s creativity and craftsmanship but also pays tribute to the rich cultures that have flourished along the Mediterranean coast. With the Bulgari Mediterranea High-Jewelry collection, you embark on an extraordinary journey through history, culture, and beauty.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and elegance of Bulgari’s Mediterranea High-Jewelry collection, which captures the enchantment of the Mediterranean in magnificent designs and excellent craftsmanship. Explore this collection’s treasures and revel in the timeless beauty of Bulgari’s masterpieces, which have been precisely made to engage the senses and leave a lasting impact.


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