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Desirable Diversion

September 8, 2022        |

Givenchy Fall Winter 2022 Givenchy Is Taking It’s Statement-making Tk-360 Men’s Sneaker Into Fresh Territory

Radical and Revolutionary, the original TK-360 was conceived of Creative director Matthew M. Williams as an exploration of form and function: It’s bold, Custom-molded silhouette features & classic stretch knit upper that is fully integrated with the sole, making it possible to walk directly on the knit. First introduced for Spring-Summer 2022, it immediately became & Givenchy Essential.


For Fall-Winter 2022, the house presents the TK-360-Sneaker, a universal variation, like the original, the TK-360+ is constructed in a single pledge, fusing technical and visual innovation, its distinctive shape now features dynamic, grid-like grooves, fresh colors and contrasting accents of gradient yellow and red that enhance the impression of forward movement. A unique tread motif ensures an exclusive footprint. While Givenchy lettering completes this avant-garde style.

Available in tonal versions (black, sand. or ultraviolet) or im white, grey or black with contrasting or gradient lines. The TK-3604 offers a visually striking way to Givenchy looks, further consolidating Matthew M. Williams’ directional vision for the house.


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