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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

Dominique Cerqueda
August 23, 2017        |

Gardens on the Go

Roberto Coin

The Garden collection reinterprets the eternal fascination of secret gardens in precious and expressive notes. Rings and pendants elate the imagination towards an enchanted world that looks charming with rich details from unexpected and extraordinary forms. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies from architectural cuts mix with the pureness of gold, celebrating architectural engravings and conferring life to jewels for an unusual and fairy-tale design.
Ring in yellow and burnished satin gold with white and brown diamonds, morganite, green garnet, rubies, amethyst and black and yellow sapphires.
Earrings in satin yellow gold with honey quartz, white and brown diamonds and natural green garnet.
Rings in satin yellow gold with Blue topaz, prasiolite, amethyst, lemon and honey quartz, as center stones. Brown and white diamonds, green garnet, yellow sapphires in the decorative components.
Garden ring with green gold quartz, green emeralds and colourless diamonds in 18kt satin yellow and shiny white and black gold.
Black gold ring with 62 carat blue topaz stone, sapphires, citrine, rubies, amethyst, black spinel and natural green garnet. Necklace in satin yellow gold with colourless diamonds, blue topaz, tsavorite and orange sapphires.
Earrings in satin yellow gold with diamonds, topaz, tsavorite and green amethyst.
Unique piece in white, red and black gold with diamonds, prasiolite and natural green garnet. Ring in chocolate satin gold with amethyst, white diamonds, brown diamonds, orange sapphires and natural green garnet. Black satin gold ring with ruby zoisite, white and brown diamonds and natural green garnet.


Easy Elegance

A chic collection from a brand known for its glamour and excellence.

Royal Wonder

A collaboration is always as exciting prospect.

Bejewelled March

March of this year is set to be a very dazzling and glamorous month, courtesy of the two jewellery shows that will happen in bustling and beautiful Hong Kong.

Glamour At The Golden Globes

The 77th Golden Globes can best be described as a night of glamour and extravagance to celebrate the best of the best in the television and film world.