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Desirable Diversion

May 15, 2023        |

DESIRE COLLECTION: Luxury Bags by Mercedes-Benz Design and MAYBACH

Experience handcrafted perfection and progressive design language in this exclusive bag collection.

Mercedes-Benz Design and MAYBACH Icons of Luxury teamed to produce the “DESIRE COLLECTION,” a premium collection of bags that flawlessly integrate exquisite workmanship with a modern design style. The line includes the BARREL BAG I, II, and III, the COCOON BAG I, II, and III, and the COCOON CASE, all of which contain the distinctive components of the Maybach brand, as well as a newly produced interior fabric. MAYBACH boutiques, select partner retailers, and online are selling the collection. Its purpose is to encapsulate the essence of “Sophisticated Luxury” associated with the Mercedes-Maybach DNA, blending technical precision and luxurious lightness in a seamless manner.

The DESIRE COLLECTION marks the collaboration between MAYBACH Icons of Luxury and Mercedes-Benz Design to introduce a cutting-edge bag collection for discerning customers. Incorporating the iconic Maybach pattern as an exclusive brand feature, it represents a synthesis of traditional luxury values, such as exceptional craftsmanship, with a striking design language.

“The DESIRE COLLECTION epitomizes our understanding of luxury and the pursuit of beauty and uniqueness. It seamlessly combines exclusive materials and craftsmanship at the highest level, achieving a perfect fusion of technical precision and luxurious lightness. This collection embodies the distinct Mercedes-Maybach DNA and our philosophy of ‘Sophisticated Luxury.'” – Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz Group AG

“Through close collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Design, we have created a bag collection that exudes a natural elegance in its form. I see in its expression all the positive energy that has always accompanied us in our joint development process.” – Jutta Kahlbetzer, CEO & Head of Design MAYBACH Icons of Luxury

The collection’s constant design language is defined by two interlocking cut forms that highlight the brand’s distinctive components. The seams and zippers are given special care, assuring compatibility with the key design concepts and flawless craftsmanship. The interiors of the bags are likewise precisely manufactured to the highest standards, with an exclusively produced lining fabric that enhances the brand’s character.

Individual bags in the DESIRE COLLECTION are available in a range of color combinations, allowing the collection to be presented in a variety of ways, ranging from timeless-classic to progressive and expressive. Customers can find them at MAYBACH boutiques, exclusive partner stores, and their online shop www.maybach-luxury.com.


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