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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

Edited by: Dominique Cerqueda
August 27, 2017        |

Delicate yet mighty

Cartier Love Bracelet

Each year, luxury jewelry brand, Cartier, sets a rendezvous with love to weave or renew ties of commitment through the ageless modernity of its Love collection. This year is no exception, following the recent launch of the newest version of their iconic Love Bracelet, which for many decades was the must-have piece of jewelry seen decorating many an elegant wrist. Truth be told, it still is.


The New Love Bracelet celebrates an evolution of design, one that is more delicate yet still alike in sharing the same design elements we have all come to know and love. This latest variation on a universal classic still maintains its wrist-hugging oval shape emphatically punctuated with screws, but this time showcasing a skinnier, more delicate band.

Unisex and graphic, fastened with the help of a screwdriver, sealing your relationship within an everlasting circle of Love, the New Love Bracelet is a show of strength, a state of mind, and a symbol of commitment to romance.

Every great design started somewhere and the New Love Bracelet wonderfully evolved from the classic, original legend. Viewed as an outward sign of innermost passion, the original Love Bracelet was created and designed in New York by Aldo Cipullo in 1969, radically modernizing the bond of love and thus becoming an icon. In his own words, Aldo Cipullo described the bracelets as “modern love handcuffs,” which were secured using a screwdriver and symbolized an attachment to one another.

The single, sculpted gold piece also revolutionized the art and manner of wearing jewelry. The Love Bracelet is not chosen to match an outfit or to suit the occasion, as was still the custom at the time, but remains present on the wrist day and night, just like second skin. This unique quality gave the Love Bracelet an expression of independence and standing out from the rest. Its strength and its genius was in the fact that it had no clasp – just the dazzling and instantly recognizable screws and one precious screwdriver. The pure, understated ergonomic design also highlighted its unisex appeal, making both women and men covet the bold bracelet. A sign of commitment and the first unisex piece of jewelry, it is once identifiable, symbolic, revolutionary, iconic, loving, and a classic that has become undisputedly modern….as can be seen in its latest incarnation, the New Love Bracelet.

The New Love Bracelet embodies all the legendary characteristics of the classic, a bond of freedom that can be worn directly on the wrist, a band that he can exchange with her and she with him, and an elegant and symbolic flat bangle design. Yet, the New Love Bracelet also stands out on its own, shining its unique statement of independence and delicate strength through its new, skinnier band design.

Delicate yet mighty. Wear it to signify the love that it embodies and joins together. It can be worn singly or layered alongside the original. Either way, the New Love Bracelet is a passion to share, further solidifying the link…of iconic and sentimental power that will endure through generations to come.


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