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February 7, 2023        |

The New DBX707 Is An SUV Unlike Any Other.

Aston Martin Manila officially launches the DBX707, one of the world’s most powerful ultrahigh-luxury SUVs, and currently the most powerful in Philippine roads. The new DBX707 is an SUV like no other. One which elevates Aston Martin to the pinnacle of the segment with a unique combination of blistering performance, supreme dynamics, unmistakable style and absolute luxury. Engineered with an abundance of character and compelling capability, DBX707 is the ultimate SUV in every respect.


Chairman and President of Aston Martin Manila, Marc Louie Tagle, says, “A testament to Aston Martin’s dedication to igniting the passion for the ultimate driving experience, the DBX707 is another masterpiece that marries technology with masterful craftsmanship. From its trademark luxurious fittings to the boosted turbo engine, The DBX707 takes our discerning clientele to the next level, and it is an honor for us to bring this to the Philippine market.”

The first local unit of the DBX707 comes in a very unique Apex Grey color with Phantom Grey Seats, that come with an exclusive Q Collection Color accent, Electron Yellow. This environment matches its sporty exterior, with its yellow brake calipers, smoked tail lights, and black chrome Aston Martin badge. Also elevating the driver and passenger experience are the heated steering wheel, and front and rear seat ventilation options. Take note that this is a dealership-configured unit, and whoever wants to customize their very own DBX707 can do so via indent order.


Aston Martin Manila’s Marketing Head, Fiel Tan, disclosed that the base price for this flagship vehicle is a whopping Php 33,500,000.00. “It is extremely competitive for its segment, packed with the performance features that come with it. Its size, coupled with 900NM of torque is enough to make any car enthusiast’s heart race behind the wheel.” It was emphasized by Tagle that the introduction of the DBX707 to the streets of Manila will take any future owner to the pinnacle of luxury; powerful, elusive and exclusive.


What sets Aston Martin apart from its competitors is its ability to manufacture vehicles that are powerful and intense, without having to sacrifice luxury and comfort. Aston Martin celebrates its 110th Anniversary this year; and the brand’s dedication to developing its product range, while never losing sight of its very particular clientele that exudes class, power, and luxury is evidently seen in the DBX707.

For more information on Aston Martin Manila and its product range, visit their website https://astonmartin.com.ph/


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