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JEWELRY: Ardor for Adornment

May 8, 2021        |


A joyous floral icon inspired by Rome’s eternal romance

A Bvlgari flower is like no other. Inspired by the Maison’s favourite muse, Rome, the Fiorever jewellery collection captures the magic and boundless romance of the Eternal City into sparkling, naturally elegant creations.

Adored by Romans of then and now, the flower has been revered as a symbol of joy and passion from ancient times until today, blooming across the city’s cultural landmarks of any age. With a name that marries the words “forever” and “fiore”, meaning flower in Italian, the radiant jewellery collection celebrates this natural motif as a timeless emblem of happiness and light-hearted spontaneity, turning it into an eternal symbol of irresistible positivity and joy infused with a romantic touch the Bvlgari way.

Since its origins, the Maison has used its unrivalled craftsmanship and creativity to deliver magnificent and stunning renditions of the timeless flower theme. A stylized and pure interpretation of this natural motif always loved by Bvlgari, the Fiorever icon takes shape from striking volumes and spectacular diamonds, converging into a distinctive four-petalled corolla.

A flower crafted with bold lines, essential shapes and a refined sense of volume, bringing Bvlgari’s timeless style to the world. From Rome, with joy.

Fiorever jewellery
Fiorever jewellery

The 2021 Fiorever Jewellery Collection
Made to sparkle with joy, sophisticated yet incredibly easy to wear, the new Fiorever jewellery creations perfectly combine the romantic spirit of the collection with a radiant and distinctive design.

Once more taking its creative and inventive approach to craftsmanship to new levels, Bvlgari introduces an exclusive white gold and diamond parure made of two convertible jewels. The graceful pavé-set necklace, counting more than 6 carats of diamonds, is finished with a tiny flower-shaped closure, while its emblematic pendant holding a brilliant-cut diamond at its heart, can be easily styled into a sparkling brooch.

The ultra-feminine white gold earrings with exquisitely single-row diamond cascades, falling from the iconic flower motif, can turn into versatile four-petal stud earrings, by simply detaching the pendant elements.

This savoir faire in the field of convertible jewellery is deeply rooted in Bvlgari’s DNA, and finds now new ways of expression with easy-to-wear yet precious creations combining ultimate radiance with the fresh and cheerful spirit of Fiorever.

Fiorever jewellery

Completing the parure is a dazzling white gold and diamond bracelet, specifically designed to offer an easy and comfortable wearability with its new, practical closure that magically disappears within the scintillating single flower embellishing the piece. A jewellery set with universal appeal, it plays on the refined combination between the timeless diamond tennis style and the extra panache given by the flower motif.

With bright diamonds gathered into a breath-taking bloom and uniquely cut to fit the tilting petals, the show-stopping ring catches the eye reimagining the sparkling beauty of nature with glamour and enchanting radiance. The unprecedented enveloping design features a magnificent flower at one end, while a petal blown away from the wind finishes the other extremity of the spiral ring.

Encapsulating effortless elegance and light-hearted spontaneity, single flower pendants in rose or white gold gently sparkle with the delicacy of their light openwork design: a scaled down interpretation of the precious four-petal motif bringing a touch of sparkle and graceful femininity into everyday life.

A display of Bvlgari’s discerning eye for exquisite and rare gemstones, three new pendants infuse the iconic flower with a precious splash of colour: dazzling diamond petals glorify a vibrant sapphire or emerald core in the white gold version and a central brilliant-cut ruby in the rose gold execution, perfectly expressing Bvlgari’s mastery with coloured gems. Easy to wear creations interpreting the magnificent beauty of precious stones with everyday refinement and Roman ease.

Sparkling, graceful and naturally elegant: a collection to take Rome’s overwhelming joyful spirit with you, wherever you go.


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