Carl S. Cunanan
December 22, 2022     |    

So If I Were Santa Claus, What Would I Wear?

The first watch that came to mind for me was actually the watch we had as a finalist for the Men’s Complication Award for the 2022 GPHG, and one I consider to be an excellent option when you want elegance with your travel watch. The Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda PF GMT Rattrapante. The second (home) hour hand is gold, and nests underneath the regular (local) hour hand. So an elegant daily watch, but one that always reminds you that time at home is truly golden.


Watch image from www.parmigiani.com


Watch image from www.swatch.com

Another watch I would choose is way in the other direction. The Swatch Snoopy from 2021, or indeed any of them. Seeing Snoopy asleep on his doghouse always brings cheer, which is pretty much what you would be doing all night anyway. The dial face is so reflective I would always have the stars shining back at me.


Watch image from www.gphg.org

Since I would be in the dark much of the night, maybe I need a little lume. One of the Sarpaneva Lunations would be my choice. Independence with a little whimsy, plus Stefan Sarpaneva is probably closer to the North Pole than anyone else.


Watch image from www.patek.com

Santa as a watch guy? No light? The obvious answer is sound. A Patek Philippe Minute Repeater like the 5078G. Simple three hand watch, with true elegance on a cream dial and that luscious sound at your fingertips. But could you hear it over the rush of wind and the jangle of sleigh bells? Only one way to find out.


Watch image from www.tagheuer.com

Santa as a car guy? The classic, iconic, accessible yet collectible TAG Heuer Monaco. In whatever model you wish. We like the classic blue face, but you can’t go with racing stripes or a vintage silver dial, so much to choose from.

Now here is something to think about. Santa is supposed to help your wishes come true. What would your watch wishes be? Not something that’s necessarily available yet either.

Be safe, be kind, be healthy, be true.


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