Katherine S. Cunanan
September 6, 2023     |    

ORIS x Bracenet Aquis: Going Green, Once Again

With ORIS, it’s not only easy being green, it’s actually environmentally friendly.

ORIS made a big splash earlier this year. With a frog. Or rather a muppet. Or both. The Kermit watch from Watches And Wonders 2023 became the quiet-ish success story of the fair.

But the green-ness of Swiss watch brand ORIS isn’t just about color. The watch company from Holstein pushes to make the environment a little bit better, at least, better however they can. By staging cleanup projects themselves or by helping those that try to do the same thing. Previous ORIS models have used materials savaged from what used to just be discarded.

In the case of this new watch just released at Geneva Watch Days 2023, ORIS has partnered with Bracenet, an organization that attempts to use materials that aren’t just discarded they are lost and ignored.

In a somewhat unfortunately romantic way, they are called “ghost nets,” the large fishing nets used by the world to take up huge quantities of fish. These nets are regularly lost and end up floating around in the sea trapping anything near them and causing more and more damage. Bracenet tries to do something about this by taking these nets and upcycling them where and when they can.

In the case of ORIS, the discarded nets are combined and turned into something from which a watch dial can be made. As most of these nets are greenish, the end result is the primarily green dials of the new ORIS x Bracenet Aquis collaboration. But because the nets aren’t always the same, you get a kind of swirly mostly-greenish color that makes every dial unique.

The end result for the enthusiast or even just the mainstream buyer is that you can go into an ORIS shop and look for an ORIS x Bracenet Aquis collaboration and find the dial that speaks to you. A tinge of white? Darker streaks? All the options are using the stalwart and approachable Aquis model. We keep seeing watches becoming increasingly personal to people. This is an excellent example of how this is being done.


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