Bert E. Casal
July 3, 2018     |    

When Every Millisecond Counts

The watch that can graph lap times.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. released a new addition to its EDIFICE line of high-performance sports chronographs. It combines dynamic design with advanced technology that only Casio can offer. The ECB-800 is an advanced analog watch that can record lap times down to 1/1000 of a second.

The watch features a large, full-dot LCD that enables graphing of lap times, providing a direct representation of lap time trends. It has an extensive 200-lap memory, the perfect tool for monitoring your favorite motorsport team. With the ECB-800, you can record each practice lap and see the car and driver’s speed trends.

The watch is also able to set a target lap time. This triggers a 30-second countdown to the target time on each lap, indicated by the second hand. The countdown is useful for predicting the time when high-speed race cars return, and gauging the gap to the target lap time.

The ECB-800 is, of course, equipped with the Connected Engine module, which pairs with a smartphone to receive accurate time data anywhere in the world. This module enables the data the watch records to be transferred to a smartphone app. This will allow the user to view and store the data on their phones, enabling the user to analyze the data at a later time, at their own convenience. The app is loaded with race courses for the convenience of the wearer.

The ECB-800 has the usual functions, such as a countdown timer, 5 multifunction alarms, and a phone finder. It has a solar-charging system (Tough Solar power system). Once fully charged, the watch can maintain operation for about 19 months (in darkness) without the need for charging, with the power-saving function ON, that is.

Whether you’re an avid fan, a motorsports analyst-wannabe, or a member of the racing crew, the ECB-800 watch is the perfect tool to have on your wrist. Or if you simply want to have a really cool-looking watch with a fantastic chronograph, look no further.


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