Richard S. Cunanan

Dark of the Night, Light of the Moon

Things seen and unseen shine in the Slimline Moonphase Manufacture.

The new Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture is a testimony to the power of darkness. The new Manufacture watch shows the joys, perils, and, well, complications of having a slim watch that quietly portrays the time and then some.

The watch also comes in a silver-colored version, so you have the option of embracing either the light side or the dark side. The usual preferences will no doubt apply, but there’s really something to be said for a watch that is equally striking in either version.

This beautiful timepiece is crafted to show the time, the date and the phase of the Moon. No simple date window will do, either: the watch uses a full subdial for showing you not just the current date, but the analog representation of where you stand in the calendar month. With the Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture, you don’t just know what date it is, you see what you’ve got coming, and you know where you’ve been.

Frederique Constant designs, produces, and assembles their own creations, and their products continue to speak for themselves more eloquently than any words of ours or theirs could do.

They began down this road in 2004, taking the first steps towards making themselves truly independent. In May 2017, the brand announced that they were expanding their Manufacture, because the followers wanted more. The Plan-les-Ouates location was no longer large enough to accommodate the increased production that the fans of the brand wanted. The loyal Frederique Constant customers loved the in-house calibers, they were snapping them up

The new FC-702 movement is one of these new Frederique Constant calibers. There are now 24 such movements designed and made by the brand; the FC-702 is a redesigned Moon Phase caliber that was created to allow the side-by-side display of the Moon Phase and a calendar subdial. Both of these displays are adjusted through the winding crown.

It took the Frederique Constant watchmakers two years to redesign the iconic Moon Phase caliber into this Moon Phase/Date display. If you ever need motivation to reach for your dreams, to make yourself better, than look at Frederique Constant and their new in-house manufacture wristwatch. They have literally shot for the moon.


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