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Out of This World

URWERK presents the UR-112 Aggregat “Odyssey”

There are some people who claim that time travel is real, or possible in the near future. They support this by presenting photos taken prior to the 1960s of people holding objects that look like today’s smart phones against their ears, or photos of the same person taken at different eras. But with URWERK, the future is certainly present in the here and now, especially with their latest presentation of the UR-112 Aggregat “Odyssey”.

UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey

The UR-112 is not your typical watch. At first glance, it could be mistaken for a communicator straight out of Star Trek. Its design is unique and futuristic, certainly not of today’s conventions. As such, the design and engineering of the movement is specific to this timepiece, as no other type of calibre can fit, nor be able to work to make the telling of time in this watch possible.

UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey

The central body of the case contains the driving and regulating components of the UR-13.01 calibre. A large barrel provides 48 hours of power reserve, backed up by an automatic winding rotor. A long, thin rod is placed in the middle which ensures the coupling with the display module. This link drives the hours and minutes prisms via two 90° bevel gears. The black aluminium prisms (that display the hours and minutes) are enhanced with Super-LumiNova™. Pressing two buttons on the side opens the top cover (reminiscent of Captain Kirk’s communicator) to reveal the power reserve indicator and the small seconds.

UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey

The UR-112 Aggregat “Odyssey” measures 42 mm in width, 51 mm in length, and 16 mm in thickness. The materials used for the case are titanium and steel. Sapphire crystals protect the prisms at the front of the watch. This timepiece is available in a very limited number of examples.