Ulysse Nardin’s UFO Marine Chronometer: The Final Editions Defying Gravity

Discover the last three limited-edition UFO Marine Chronometers: Champagne, Ice Blue, and Green

Ulysse Nardin, known for its unique timepieces, is saying goodbye to its remarkable masterpiece, the UFO Marine Chronometer, with three enticing limited editions in champagne, ice blue, and green. The UFO Marine Chronometer bucked traditions by reinventing the ancient codes of watchmaking when it was first introduced to commemorate the brand’s 175th anniversary in 2021. With two final historic series, each restricted to 30 pieces, this nonconformist marvel, which has 75 unique dark blue instances and an orange variation auctioned for charity, is now finishing its spectacular voyage.

The UFO Marine Chronometer, aptly named the Unidentified Floating Object, is a fascinating oval clock that appears to defy gravity. Developed through two years of research and prototyping by Ulysse Nardin‘s R&D teams and Maison L’Épée, a watchmaking specialist, this mechanical wonder incorporates 675 components and boasts an impressive year-long power reserve. The slow tempo of the balance wheel, beating at 0.5 Hz, combined with six extra-large barrels, ensures the timepiece’s longevity. Winding and setting the time zones of the three trapezoidal dials can be achieved with 40 turns of a key.

The movement of the UFO Marine Chronometer is enclosed under a glass dome hand-blown in VQT’s Neuchâtel studio, inspired by the structure of maritime buoys and crowned with Ulysse Nardin’s signature anchor. The rigorous workmanship and competence required to manufacture each dome, with only one-third achieving the appropriate quality, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Each of the final UFO Marine Chronometer editions is available exclusively through Ulysse Nardin’s esteemed partners: the ice blue version through Bucherer, the green through Yoshida in Japan, and the champagne through The Hour Glass in South-East Asia. Every piece comes with a limited-edition certificate and a winding and setting key, presented in an aged wooden box, making it a true treasure for watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Ulysse Nardin’s UFO Marine Chronometer is a daring leap into the future that combines technical competence, creative design, and a humorous aspect. Collectors have one more chance to own a piece of this historic and spectacular watchmaking adventure when these final editions become available. Don’t miss out on one last chance to see the UFO Marine Chronometer’s gravity-defying brilliance.


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