June 2, 2023    |    

The Purple Oris Aquis Hölstein Edition 2023

Celebrating Oris and its Community with Joyful Luxury

Oris, a renowned Swiss watchmaker, continues its annual tradition of releasing a limited edition timepiece to commemorate its rich heritage and the vibrant Oris community. The Hölstein Edition 2023, limited to 250 pieces, represents a story that began over a century ago and remains relevant in today’s world.

Since its founding on June 1, 1904, Oris has been dedicated to producing high-quality watches that are both functional and accessible. The Hölstein Edition 2023 stays true to this philosophy while introducing the popular Aquis diver’s watch to this special collection. With its unique design and limited availability, this timepiece is a celebration of Oris’ community and the joy that high-quality mechanical watches bring.

The Hölstein Edition 2023 embodies Oris’ core values of independence and the freedom to create watches that resonate with its customers. Each edition in the Hölstein series represents the playful and independent spirit of the brand. This year’s edition features a deep purple dial, a color long requested by the Oris community, and is powered by the groundbreaking Calibre 400 movement. Notably, it is the first “no-date” Aquis, responding to another community request.

With an engraved case back depicting a scuba-diving bear and its limited-edition number, the Hölstein Edition 2023 is a unique expression of Oris’ story. It is a watch designed for independent thinkers and a special gift for passionate Oris fans. The watch’s focus on fun and inclusivity reflects the brand’s commitment to creating positive emotions and sharing good moments with others.

Oris Co-CEO Rolf Studer emphasizes that the Hölstein Editions are more than just commercial ventures. They are conceptual and unique pieces that resonate with Oris enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s story and values. While these limited editions may not significantly impact the business, they are a heartfelt gesture from Oris to its dedicated fan base.

While the Hölstein Edition 2023 may hint at future developments, it primarily serves as a celebration and source of joy for the Oris community. Inclusive luxury is at the heart of this timepiece, focusing on positive emotions and creating connections rather than exclusivity. It symbolizes Oris’ commitment to craftsmanship and the belief that high-quality watches bring lightness and enjoyment to life.

The Hölstein Edition 2023 is a testament to Oris’ legacy and its dedication to making watches that make people smile. With its vibrant design and community-driven approach, this limited edition timepiece captures the essence of Oris and its commitment to creating joyful luxury for all.