April 18, 2023    |    

A Timepiece That Meets the Moment: Charriol Unveils the St-Tropez™ Maxi

Designed for every occasion with a new sense of proportion

Introducing the St-Tropez Maxi, the latest addition to Charriol‘s iconic St-Tropez line. “The St-Tropez is such a staple of our offering, that I wanted to look at every possible update we could think of. We looked at form, at colors and materials, and all the design details that go into building an iconic watch. But finally, when we started to consider proportion, I realized there was an opportunity to turn this watch into its own collection. We started with the mini, a bit more dainty and delicate, but now we are going in the other direction with our new version, which I think really captures the spirit of the watch.” says Coralie Charriol, Creative Director and President.

This exquisite timepiece boasts a 30mm dial and a design that strikes a perfect balance between substance and modern appeal. The Maxi is a grand gesture, a watch that meets the moment with its distinctive style and innovative features.

The St-Tropez Maxi’s 30mm dial allows the watch face to breathe, with sleek hour markers and a new font that employs tall letter shapes, extended closed counters, and geometric proportions, all set against a mother-of-pearl backdrop. The bigger size also allows for a new element on the bezel: decorative screws in matching or contrasting tones, which provide gravitas without sacrificing beauty.

The band of the St-Tropez Maxi has returned to the classic six stainless steel cables, set along the updated chain design that features oblate oval links. This design choice not only enhances the watch’s durability but also adds a touch of elegance to its overall appearance.

The St-Tropez Maxi is offered in three signature classic colorways – steel, yellow gold, and rose gold plated – with slight variations available on the bezel design, incorporating diamonds alongside the decorative screws. This timepiece represents the perfect blend of luxury, innovation, and attention to detail, making it a must-have for watch connoisseurs and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Charriol’s St-Tropez Maxi is a genuine work of art that exemplifies the brand’s dedication to design and craftsmanship. This great gesture of timekeeping embodies the essence of the iconic St-Tropez watch while bringing innovation to the forefront, thanks to its larger size, polished features, and timeless elegance. The St-Tropez Maxi will make a big statement on your wrist, whether you’re a watch enthusiast or someone who enjoys luxury and flair. Indulge in the world of Charriol’s St-Tropez Maxi and improve your timekeeping game.