October 5, 2023    |    

Unlocking the Future of Luxury Watches: The Panerai Digital Passport

Elevating Authenticity and Watch Ownership with Blockchain Technology

Panerai introduces the Panerai Digital Passport, a daring step to alter the luxury timepiece scene. This ground-breaking blockchain-powered digital certification, which was introduced at the prestigious Watches and Wonders event in Shanghai, is likely to revolutionize the world of watch ownership. Every Panerai watch will be outfitted with a digital identity beginning on October 3, 2023, ensuring authenticity and unlocking a slew of features.

Panerai’s unwavering commitment to innovation takes a monumental step forward with this digital passport introduction, positioning the brand as a pioneer in offering such a service to its clientele. This blockchain-based certificate, provided to clients upon purchase, not only verifies authenticity but also creates a secure environment for the secondary market, as the certificate can be easily transferred to subsequent owners. Panerai’s vision goes beyond mere authenticity; it encompasses the entire journey of the timepiece.

The digital passport contains an extensive amount of information about each watch, including specific technical details and a detailed product history. This quantity of data lays the groundwork for a variety of value-added services, greatly simplifying the resale process. As a result, Panerai customers will have greater transparency, trust, and convenience when interacting with the brand. Furthermore, this program is critical in Panerai’s fight against counterfeiting, as it aligns smoothly with the shift toward digital documentation.

Jean Marc Pontroué, CEO of Panerai, emphasizes the brand’s dedication to enhancing the client experience, stating, “Committed to elevating the client experience, we continually adapt and innovate to align with the changing times. We firmly believe that digital passports are poised to transform the ownership of valuable assets, enabling our clients to trace their watch’s lifecycle, provide proof of authenticity, and enjoy bespoke services tailored to each timepiece.”

Panerai has partnered with Arianee, a leading blockchain-based digital passport solution provider for brands, to realize the industrialization of digital passports. Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee CEO & Co-Founder, highlights the significance of this partnership, saying, “Having implemented digital product passports on limited-edition watches for Panerai’s Experiences since early 2022, Arianee is thrilled to support the Maison in this large-scale implementation, marking a crucial milestone in its journey toward enhancing and fostering customer trust.”

The digital passport for your Panerai watch is simple to obtain and may be done directly at Panerai boutiques. Clients can also use a mobile device to scan the QR code on the warranty card for speedy registration. Users who register have access to Pam.guard, a digital portal intended specifically for Panerai’s established clientele. They may look up their watch’s certified information, evaluate its history, transfer the digital passport to a new owner, and extend the international limited warranty, which can now be extended for up to eight years. The Digital Passport may be seamlessly transferred through PAMGuard, the access point for all Panerai owners, whether for gifting, inheritance, or selling.

Panerai’s groundbreaking digital passport serves as a testament to its commitment to innovation while delivering trust, transparency, and convenience to its valued clients. As the watch industry ushers in a new era, Panerai stands at the forefront, ready to shape the future of watch ownership.


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