August 10, 2021    |    

Porsche focuses on Filipina R&B artist, other Asian talents in ‘SCOPES’

Porsche is now presenting “SCOPES Driven by Porsche,” a virtual festival of inspiring stories, workshops, podcasts and interactive talks featuring personalities from Southeast Asia who are currently helping shape the region’s narrative for the future. Among the individuals included in the series is Filipina R&B artist Jess Connelly.

Central to the theme of SCOPES are values shared by Porsche DNA and Southeast Asian attitude on pioneering spirit, harmony with tradition, focus on design, and concern for sustainability—all embodied in the Taycan, Porsche’s first all-electric sports car.

“With SCOPES as a platform, we want to promote the exchange of ideas in the young creative scene. We started in the metropolises of Berlin, Amsterdam and Tokyo,” said Ragnar Schulte, Director of Experiential Marketing at Porsche AG. “Now the journey continues in Southeast Asia, one of the most diverse and innovative regions in the world that fascinates as much as it inspires.”

R&B artist Jess Connelly joins SCOPES from the Philippines as she seeks to empower and inspire other female artists in the region.

Connelly leads the four outstanding women of the arts who were tapped for SCOPES. The young artist, who has come to call Manila her home for around a decade now, having arrived from Australia, continues to garner international attention with her musical and visual body of work. SCOPES provides Connelly, whose music videos routinely draw hundreds of thousands of views, an additional platform on which she can share her journey in pursuing her dreams while breaking out of cultural norms. The endeavor seeks to empower other female artists who have similar aspirations, as well as inspire countless others.

Among other activities lined up in SCOPES are the “Green Is The New Black,” a live panel discussion with thought leaders and industry experts in food, fashion and urban communities; a transformational festival in Thailand called “Wonderfruit,” which will showcase innovations in art and architecture, food, wellness and music, as well as explore collaborations with various artists to design a project rooted in sustainability; and a feature on 1880, a social club that provides a junction for dialogues between people coming from different walks of life. Under the theme “Driving Tomorrow,” the series will share stories told from the own lens of Anna Haotanto, founder of The New Savvy, Asia’s leading financial and career platform for women; Ayesha Khanna, co-founder and CEO of an artificial intelligence advisory firm; and Parag Khanna, a leading global strategy advisor author of “The Future is Asian: Commerce, Conflict & Culture in the 21st Century.”

Ongoing now, the Southeast Asian edition of SCOPES runs until mid-September, after which it heads to Warsaw, Poland. Visit https://virtual.scopes.asia/ for more information, or follow @scopes_drivenbyporsche on Instagram.


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