Laurent Ferrier Has Introduced Two New Versions Of Its Micro-Rotor Model

Laurent Ferrier has consistently aimed to design timepieces that possess a balance of modernity and timelessness, featuring an alluring blend of technical excellence, functionality, and aesthetic simplicity. Recently, LAURENT FERRIER has unveiled two fresh renditions of its Micro-Rotor model – the Square Micro-Rotor Evergreen and the Classic Micro-Rotor Evergreen – showcasing the brand’s contemporary interpretation of elegance and sophistication.

Laurent Ferrier

The concept of “Evergreen” combines timeless characteristics with the associations of the color green, which is deeply connected with nature, growth, and renewal. The latest interpretations of the Micro-Rotor embody these principles with a natural escapement, while the new deep green dial evokes a sense of harmony.

The timepiece is available in two iterations. The first features a cushion-shaped Square stainless steel case paired with a delicate deep green dial that has a vertical satin-brushed finish. The second iteration features the same green dial with refined finishes, nestled in an 18-carat gold Classic round case. Optimal legibility is ensured by the indices, which are made of 18-carat white gold and red gold, respectively.

Despite being resolutely modern, these timepieces embody ageless elegance and are suitable for both everyday wear and formal occasions.

Laurent Ferrier
Laurent Ferrier

The LAURENT FERRIER brand is known for its tapered case profile, a feature present in both the Classic and Square models. The Classic case is circular, crafted from 18-carat red gold with a diameter of 40mm, and draws inspiration from the understated pocket watches of the 19th century. The Square case measures 41mm x 41mm, providing a more prominent presence on the wrist than the Classic model. Its aerodynamic curves, symmetry, and intricate lines project sophistication.

Both cases feature a ball-shaped winding crown that facilitates smooth handling, and the careful design, from the hooked case back adorned with sapphire crystal, permits the wearer to appreciate the movement without distraction. Ingeniously, only LF watchmakers can access the calibre through the olivette, located at the bottom of the back bezel. Both the Square and Classic cases can withstand water immersion up to 30 metres.

Laurent Ferrier

These two timepieces offer a perfect blend of traditional watchmaking principles and modern technical advances. They both feature the FBN 229.01 calibre, which bears the LAURENT FERRIER signature. This self-winding mechanism incorporates a micro-rotor with a natural escapement, a technical innovation that has gained widespread acclaim among enthusiasts. With a unidirectional ratchet-type micro-rotor and a three-day power reserve, this mechanism is a true testament to the brand’s craftsmanship.

The LAURENT FERRIER movement is an exclusive creation designed, assembled, and fine-tuned in the brand’s own workshops. It is equipped with a silicon escapement that delivers double direct impulses to the balance wheel. This innovation enables the balance to restart twice per oscillation, requiring two escapement wheels and a pallet-lever with adjusted geometry. The use of cutting-edge materials and modern design maximizes energy efficiency, leading to a high amplitude balance wheel. The winding mechanism is also optimized, requiring less mechanical force to wind the barrel spring.

LAURENT FERRIER has once again demonstrated its prowess in creating timeless pieces of exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetics.