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Drop the Top, Hang it All Out

The new Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD Spyder

While we usually shy away from presenting automobiles on our horlogerie portals and letting our sibling C! Magazine handle dissemination of such, we just can’t help but share our excitement when a new super car is unveiled. Especially during these unprecedented times when car manufacturers make use of innovative ways to unveil their latest models.

EVO RWD Spyder
EVO RWD Spyder

Barely a week after restarting their production operations, Automobili Lamborghini pulled a surprise by revealing a new Huracán – the EVO RWD Spyder in an equally surprising manner. Lamborghini decided to launch their new V10 open-air super car via Augmented Reality on their website, a first for the Italian car maker.

Let’s get the visual differences of this new Huracán EVO RWD Spyder from the EVO 4WD Spyder launched earlier out of the way. The new Spyder sports updated splitters, larger vertical fins and framed front air intakes upfront and a unique diffuser tucked away in the rear bumper that’s finished in black to make it stand out. The other difference might not be noticeable save for the driver since it has to do with how the new Huracán handles the road. Being a top performance rear-wheel drive supercar, driver input and skills come into play to get the most out of this naturally-aspirated V10 spyder. With 610hp and 560Nm of torque on deck, the RWD Huracán guarantees unfiltered feedback and a high level of engagement delivering a rawer driving experience compared to an all-wheel drive vehicle.

EVO RWD Spyder
EVO RWD Spyder
EVO RWD Spyder

Not that the RWD Huracán Spyder is devoid of modern driving assist features. In fact, it makes use of the latest versions that Lamborghini can fit onto a 21st century super car. A specially tuned P-TCS traction control system is designed for adrenalin-producing performance in all conditions, consistently delivering torque and assuring traction even as the new Huracán EVO RWD Spyder is emerging from sharp cornering or drifting. The car’s ANIMA button on the steering wheel controls driving modes, with the P-TCS calibrated to suit. In STRADA mode, the focus is on stability and safety in all conditions as the system minimizes rear-wheel slippage and more proactively manages torque delivery on low-grip surfaces. SPORT mode allows for drifting fun as the rear wheels can slide and skate during acceleration, with the system limiting torque output whenever oversteer angles increase rapidly. This lets the driver stabilize and control the car better. CORSA mode optimizes the car’s traction and agility when exiting a corner at high speeds.

Since this Huracán is a celebration of open-air driving, we have to talk about the roof which is a soft-top that stows within 17 seconds under the rear hood, possible even at speeds of 50 km/h. Available in a range of colors, the soft-top roof perfectly complements the rear-wheel drive car’s body lines and paint options while at the same time ensuring a quiet cockpit conducive to easy conversation and entertainment. The car’s rear window can be electronically opened too regardless if the roof is up or down, functioning as a windshield when it is up, and highlighting the V10 engine’s unique sound when it is down. Two removable lateral wind shields dampen lateral aerodynamic noise in the cabin, permitting conversations even at high speeds.


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