Jacob & Co Is Unveiling A Remarkable Example Of Contemporary Watchmaking Excellence

Astronomia Revolution is a revolutionary timepiece that has shaken up contemporary watchmaking with its radical performance. Its design is inspired by space and showcases Jacob & Co.‘s unique sense of narration. The watch revolves around its own axis in just one minute, reaching terminal velocity. The movement, Caliber JCAM48B, spins in 60 seconds and features a double-axis flying tourbillon, with a third axis being the movement itself. To master this speed, a patented constant force device harnesses the massive energy generated by Astronomia Revolution.

The watch’s sculptural, 47 mm case is made of sapphire and gold and houses an 18-mirror array inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope. The second is displayed through a space-probe-like spinning arrow with a ruby head. This bright star of contemporary watchmaking delivers high speed, high accuracy, and high entertainment efficiency.

Astronomia Revolution is the most technical and advanced stage of the Astronomia concept, which has been evolving for years. CEO Benjamin Arabov states that the piece required revolutionary mechanics, inventions, and Jacob & Co.’s relentless drive to push boundaries. The watch is a limited edition of 18 pieces, with six crafted in rose gold, six in white gold, and six in white gold with black DLC surface treatment. The case measures 47 mm in diameter and 27 mm in height, dictated entirely by the requirements of the caliber and its functionalities.

The Astronomia Revolution timepiece is both technically impressive and visually stunning due to its high-velocity orbit. The revolving carriage is visible from all sides, making for a captivating viewing experience. Founder and chairman Jacob Arabo’s love for space is evident in the unique construction of the base, which features 18 hexagonal mirrors crafted from 18K red gold and tilted at precise angles to capture the mesmerizing motion of the watch’s orbit. These mirrors pay homage to the James Webb Space Telescope and its gilded reflectors that capture ancient light. Additionally, the transparent sapphire caseband allows for a full view of the intricate mechanics, while the second hand, in the shape of a long arrow, rotates on its own axis every 15 seconds and boasts a pyramid-shaped ruby tip, demonstrating Jacob & Co.’s exceptional gemology skills.

In 2016, Jacob & Co. introduced the groundbreaking Astronomia timepiece, featuring an unprecedented level of complexity and scale. Housed in a 47mm gold case with a sapphire baseband, the vertically oriented movement included a satellite carriage with four rotating arms: a twin-axis tourbillon, a rotating dial stabilized by a differential, a 288-facet diamond representing the moon, and a magnesium globe of the earth. These arms orbit around their own axes and the central axis, completing a full rotation in 20 minutes, creating a third axis for the tourbillon carriage. With no crown or central hands, the Astronomia was truly unique and set a new standard for complication and showmanship.

Since then, Jacob & Co. has released iterations with faster rotation times, down to 5 minutes, and various design and size alterations. The latest version, Astronomia Revolution, takes the original space-inspired concept to new heights with a completely redesigned and proprietary movement, offering the most dramatic technical and design transformation yet.

To achieve its lightning-fast one-minute rotation, Astronomia Revolution requires a massive amount of energy, which is stored in two exceptional-sized barrels. However, delivering this energy is just as critical as storing it. To control the flow of energy running through the JCAM48B caliber, Jacob & Co. has created a next-generation constant force device, which is a whip-based mechanism with a patent pending.

This device is activated every 1/6th of a second, which is the frequency of the balance wheel, and transmits just the right amount of energy needed by the tourbillon carriage for the next 1/6th of a second. This ensures a constant and smooth energy flow, resulting in improved accuracy and the smooth rotation of the entire platform and tourbillons. The benefits of this constant force are threefold: improved accuracy, the only solution for high-power timepieces, and the smooth rotation of the entire movement. With this fine energy regulation, the Astronomia Revolution maintains an impressive 36-hour power reserve on a massively complex timepiece.

The tourbillon carriage of Astronomia Revolution is not only spinning on two axes at an incredibly high speed, but it also moves along with the satellite platform’s rotation. This means that the timepiece is, in fact, a triple-axis tourbillon. The first axis is rotating in one minute, the second in 15 seconds, and the third is the rotation of the entire platform. The movement is made even more mesmerizing by the openworked design and highly polished finish of the carriage. The intricate sequence of gears that drives the tourbillon can be seen in action, creating a stunning visual display of kinetic beauty.

Astronomia Revolution is truly a marvel of horological engineering and design, pushing the limits of what is possible in a wristwatch. With its complex triple-axis tourbillon, constant force device, and massive energy storage, it delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision. Its rotating platform and spinning tourbillon carriage provide a mesmerizing spectacle, while the red arrow hand adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. And with its minute track carved into the bezel, it’s not just a beautiful work of art, but also a functional timepiece. All in all, Astronomia Revolution is a true masterpiece of watchmaking, embodying the spirit of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of high-end horology.


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