June 6, 2023    |    

Hamilton and Indiana Jones: Timeless Legends of Adventure

The perfect pairing of Hamilton watches and Hollywood adventures.

Indiana Jones, the legendary hero archaeologist, will make his triumphant return to the big screen on June 30 with the highly awaited last edition of the classic franchise, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Along with Indy’s daring adventures, the Hamilton Boulton, an iconic timepiece that adorns his wrist throughout the film, steals the show. Hamilton watches and Hollywood films have been linked for over 90 years, since these superb timepieces add an authentic touch to cinematic narrative.

Hamilton watches have been inseparably bound to the world of Hollywood for nearly a century. Hamilton worked with renowned prop expert Ben Wilkinson and costume designer Joanna Johnston to ensure that their watches fit within the film’s time period and clothing. The Hamilton Boulton and Indiana Jones are a perfect marriage, as this magnificent timepiece captures the soul of Indy’s character. The Hamilton Boulton, together with his trusted whip and characteristic fedora, gives a touch of style and sophistication to the famed adventurer.

Introduced in the 1940s, the Hamilton Boulton has become an iconic timepiece within the American Classic collection. While it has undergone modernizations, the Boulton has retained its distinctive cushion-shaped case, which brings the Art Deco aesthetic into the modern world. Featuring a white dial with a small second subdial and elegant serif-style numerals, this classic watch merges Hamilton’s rich heritage with the precision of Swiss watchmaking. Its deserving place on the big screen is a testament to its status as a timeless symbol of Hamilton’s legacy in timekeeping.

Renaldo, Indy’s devoted comrade, also wears a Hamilton watch in the film. The durable and flexible bespoke Khaki Navy Scuba excellently suits Indiana Jones’ harsh settings. The Khaki Navy Scuba is at home on your wrist or in a cameo appearance on the big screen. This adventure-driven watch, available in a range of sizes and designs, exemplifies Hamilton’s commitment to crafting timepieces that stand the test of time and embrace the spirit of travel.

As Indiana Jones embarks on his final adventure, the Hamilton Boulton and Khaki Navy Scuba take their place as true movie stars in their own right. These remarkable timepieces not only enhance the visual appeal of the film but also embody the enduring partnership between Hamilton watches and Hollywood. From the silver screen to the wrists of adventurers worldwide, the Hamilton Boulton and Khaki Navy Scuba continue to make their mark as legends of all time.