Proud to be the Original

We at Glashütte Original are proud to present a new, integrated multi-channel campaign that shows that our watches fit all facets of an individual lifestyle.

At Glashütte Original, we are proud to introduce a brand-new, multi-channel campaign that demonstrates how we connect with those who wear our timepieces. Proud to be the Original builds on the values that have driven us since 1845, while holding the concept of originality at its centre.

In our hometown Glashütte, we have been creating high quality, authentic timepieces since 1845, always delivering excellence, innovation, tradition, exclusivity, beautiful design – and originality. Originality is a part of our brand identity and stands for authenticity, genuineness and creativity. We are proud of our history of bringing the art of German watchmaking to the world. We are proud of our designers and watchmakers who have helped guarantee our place in German watchmaking history – and its future. We are particularly proud that up to 95% of all components of a Glashütte Original are still made in-house at our manufactory today, and many are still made by hand. We are proud to be able to call ourselves a true manufactory.

Glashütte Original
Glashütte Original
Glashütte Original

The close connection between watch and wearer
At Glashütte Original the close relationship between a watch and its wearer is very important to us as it emphasises the personality and individuality of the wearer. We are proud to be the people creating the timepieces that accompany others on their daily adventures and through their extraordinary lives as they learn, grow and experience new milestones.

The Proud to be the Original campaign shows key pieces of our collections in their own environment, with the wearer always being the main focus. Although the watch is never in the foreground, it is ever-present, symbolising the importance to the wearer of spending their time well and in a way that is important for them.

Glashütte Original
Glashütte Original

From the fearless adventurer to the pioneering professor, the dedicated artist to the futurefocused music producer and glamorous soprano, the high-performing manager to the stylish couple, Proud to be the Original celebrates uniqueness and the importance of moments, demonstrating that a Glashütte Original is an important companion in our unique lives.

The campaign further underlines the fact that a Glashütte Original is made for people by people not machines. Each of our timepieces is carefully regulated and perfected by the hands of our experienced watchmakers. A Glashütte Original is connected to its wearer through values and emotions – an everyday reminder of how precious time is.

We believe Proud to be the Original will help us get even closer to our customers, bring them into our world and help them connect with one another as a unique community of individuals who are proud to know what Glashütte Original really stands for. The Proud to be the Original campaign launches on March 24, 2022. It is accompanied by a 60-second movie showing how and where wearers and their watches connect. We’re also introducing the hashtag #PTBTO and inviting our followers to use it as they show us what their Glashütte Original means to them; as they show us that they, too, are Proud to be the Original.